Webber bored with whinging rivals

2012 Hungarian Grand Prix

Australian F1 star Mark Webber, currently second in the drivers’ championship, is enjoying the mid-season break by taking in as much of the London Olympics as he can. But he’s also found time to have a crack at the critics of his team, Red Bull Racing. It’s not the first time Webber has fired a shot this year either.

Red Bull has attracted unwanted scrutiny for its holey floors and ECU engine mapping. There’s also been questions over the ride-height system on the RB8 and that its adjustability may not meet the FIA’s regulations.

“I think it’s incredibly boring for most people,” Webber said. “All we can do is keep passing every single test and we have… it’s not a one-make series, you can design a car to the regulations and that’s what we do.”

So far, Red Bull has not been penalised for any of the controversies it has been involved in, but in the case of the holey floor and ECU mapping, the FIA has forced the team’s hand into a change.

Mark reckons Red Bull seems to find its issues in the public view, whereas other teams don’t seem to attract the same attention.

“I know other teams have been asked to address things with their cars, but they (the FIA directives) are not for general consumption. And some of ours do make the general consumption, which is just the way it’s been,” he said.

Webber went on to praise the genius of Red Bull’s chief designer Adrian Newey, even comparing him to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He also said he expects Red Bull will continue to be closely watched.

“We know there are a lot of teams that copy what we have and there’s a lot of things where the interpretation of the rules gets changed and we take it on the chin as well.

“Whether it’s with the wings or whatever—and there’ll be something else I promise you that will pop up—we will always pass every single test.

“Not one single team has protested us, because they know it’s within the rules,” Webber concluded.

[Source: Reuters | Pic: Red Bull/Getty Images]