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Could this celebrity endorsement be any worse?

The five-door Range Rover Evoque has just been launched overseas. We reckon it and its three-door sibling will sell like hot cakes. Indeed, it will probably be the next must-have accessory in well-to-do suburbs. So, you’d reckon using a member of the Royal Family to promote said car would be a winning strategy. But watch […]

Is Range Rover going to make an Evoque convertible?

While you’re still coming to grips with the world’s obsession for all things SUV here’s a new bit of motoring gossip to make you choke on your breakfast. Range Rover, apparently, wants to chop the roof off its new Evoque. Worse, they want to do this to counter chop-top versions from their competitors, namely the […]

AIMS 2011 gallery: Range Rover

The more we see the Range Rover Evoque, the more we like. We reckon it will sell like gangbusters and will be the new black with the well-to-do set. In Sydney last year we saw the Coupé, and in Melbourne we saw the five door as well. It’s a good looking SUV. Visibility out the […]

Range Rover Evoque five-door revealed

Back in September Range Rover showed us the three-door version of the Evoque, now they’re pushing the five-door upon us. The car will be on show at the LA Auto Show next week and you’ll have to wait until mid 2011 to see one at your local showroom. Actually, you might have to wait a […]

AIMS 2010: Photo gallery

Here is the AUSmotive photo gallery from the Australian International Motor Show industry day. There are 128 photos in all and you can simply click on each thumbnail to access a 2000px super image. Highlights include a couple of track specials in the form of the awesome Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and the rear-engined V6 […]

Range Rover Evoque gets early showing

Well-to-do urban hipsters of the world are smiling today following the release of new information from Range Rover about the company’s “smallest, lightest, most fuel-efficient Range Rover ever.” You and I will call it the Evoque, but the hipsters will probably stick with SLMFERRE. The Evoque will have its first public showing in Paris at […]