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iPod controlled RX-8

Seems like everyone wants a 1:1 scale remote control car these days. First there was the Vodafone viral for Lewis Hamilton, now John Oxer, from Melbourne, has added remote capabilities to his 2004 Mazda RX-8.

John is part of the admin team at, so of course, it is his wont to add a bunch of nerdy, yet very cool functionality to his 1:1 model car. Full driving control appears to be a way off yet, but John can now unlock and start his car from anywhere in the world using his iPod Touch. Once running he is able to access live data, including RPM, fuel capacity and so on. Using Google Maps he can also pinpoint his car’s exact location.

The RX-8 is fitted with it’s own internet connection and the iPod Touch uses WiFi to talk to the car. There’s a whole bunch of geeky stuff explaining how all this works in the YouTube clip after the jump.


Video Volkswagen

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 v Mk6

Golf Mk5 v Mk6

Many people have said the new Mk6 Golf should really be called a Mk5.5 because it is so similar to the previous model. Such arguments aside, is the new car actually any better than the model it replaces? The Mk5 Golf has been a successful car for Volkswagen, so the new car certainly has a job ahead of it if it is to raise the bar. This short review from iMotorMag (available after the jump) has a crack at coming up with a definitive answer.

[Source: iMotorTV]

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DR TV – Hot hatch test

Drivers Republic hot hatch test

Six of the best hot hatches. An empty aerodrome all to yourself. How could you say no? Chris Harris from Drivers Republic certainly couldn’t, and he took the opportunity to see what’s what in the world of hot hatchery. The car’s on offer were impressive—Honda Civic Type R, Renault Megane R26.R, Ford Focus ST (XR5), Subaru Impreza WRX S, Vauxhall Astra VXR Triple Eight and a MINI Cooper S JCW.

So, which car came up trumps? The cars were taken to Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome to find out. You can watch video footage after the jump, or read the article in full HERE.

BMW Honda Nissan Porsche Video

Nissan 370Z versus rivals at Tsukuba Circuit

The Nissan 370Z has the pedigree and the statistics to give its German and Japanese rivals some serious wasabi heat. But that’s all theory, how will the 370Z really stack up in practice?

Well, luckily for us the Japanese crew from Best Motoring have gone to the trouble of finding out. I trust you’ll enjoy this clip, filmed at the 2km Tsukuba Circuit in Japan (similar to Wakefield Park). Here you will see how the 370Z compares against the Honda S2000, BMW 135i, Porsche Cayman S and Porsche 911 Carerra.


Source: The Motor Report


You talkin’ to me?

With 370kW (500bhp), an 8.2 litre V8 and a 0-100 time of around 4 seconds this is one taxi driver not to mess with! Although, you could ask him for a dance.

Source: autoblog

Formula 1 Motorsports Video

Stoner ices Massa

European winters don’t seem to bring motorsport promo opportunities to a halt. In this clip (with disturbingly catchy tunes) you can see Australia’s own Casey Stoner, 2007 MotoGP world champion, teaching Ferrari’s Felipe Massa how to drive. Go Aussie!

If the above clip doesn’t work, try HERE.

Source: via autoblog

Fifth Gear Lamborghini Video

Ice ice baby

If you had the keys to a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and access to an ice track, what would you do? Thought so.

Here’s a clip from series 15 of Fifth Gear with Tiff Needell at the wheel showing us how it is done. Apart from all the fun and shenanigans that Tiff gets up to, the clip also gives a great example of how modern day traction control and ESP systems work. Amazing stuff!

Almost as much fun as taking a 911 around a snow-covered Nürburgring.

BMW Porsche Video


When watching an episode of Top Gear you get the impression that Jeremy’s powersliding is so effortless and well honed. I wonder if, behind the scenes, it looks more like this?

Either way, it would still be a heck of a lot of fun!

Source: Car and Driver


Armygeddon – They don’t mention this in the ads

Summernats 22 has come and gone and our fair city of Canberra has returned to normal. One of the star attractions, I’m told, was Armygeddon, and here it is in action on the burnout pad.

Armygeddon is a heavily modified six-wheel drive Land Rover powered by a 7-litre supercharged Chevy V8. The Army chaps claim it is good for 700bhp. That’s a lot of ponies, so they’re using 3 modified Nissan Patrol axles, with 10.5 inch diffs to get the power to the ground. Armygeddon was built by a combination of army and civilian trades and the clever chaps have wired up those three diffs so the car can do burnouts using any combination of the six wheels. That’s kind of cool. Well, if you’re into that sort of stuff.

When on show the six-wheeler has 144 inches of chrome wheels (that’s 6 x 24″) running 1890mm tyres (6 x 315mm), although when burning rubber the 24s are replaced by more modest 15 inch steelies.

Speaking to Army—The Soldiers’ Newspaper CA Lt-Gen Peter Leahy said Armygeddon was an amazing piece of machinery, “Anyone can do a normal burnout, but this vehicle can do what others can only dream about. Driving any wheel, or wheels, while holding the others still.

“I am very proud to say it is one of the Army’s newest and coolest recruiting tools,” he said.

Click below for another clip with more detail on Armygeddon.

Source: RiotACT and The Army newspaper

Subaru Video

Look mum, no hands!

This clip from the Bettega Memorial, held during the Bologna Motor Show, captures a rather embarrassing moment for former WRC champion Petter Solberg. The event was run in mid-December, and the news was about to get a whole lot worse for Petter and Subaru.

(Thanks to Tiaan for the tip.)



Words cannot describe the content of this video. The biggest disappointment is that music doesn’t last the entire clip.

(Thanks to Wes for the tip. I think.)

News Video

Race of Champions

The 2008 Race of Champions is being held at Wembley Stadium this weekend. To help get you in the mood, here is a clip of last year’s final, featuring Germany’s Michael Schumacher (you may have heard of him) and Sweden’s Mattias Ekström. Finally something that Schumacher didn’t win!

For more info on the 2008 happenings, check out the official Race of Champions website. If you’re not familiar with the concept, the event takes a bunch of the world’s best drivers/riders from across the major motorspot disciplines and pits them against each other in equal machinery.

This event will also be Lewis Hamilton’s first public official McLaren appearance since winning the F1 world title. To celebrate he’ll be giving his F1 car a few beans around the track, as well as racing Olympic cycling Gold medallist Chris Hoy.

Canberra’s own Mark Webber was scheduled to take part in this event, but when the Queanbeyan driver broke his leg, he had to withdraw.