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BMW shows off self-drifting skills

BMW self-drifting cars

“Look mum, no hands!”

BMW showed off some pretty cool things at CES in Las Vegas last week, but we don’t think anything was cooler than the M235i and 6 Series Gran Coupé which both featured what BMW calls ActiveAssist, or “highly automated driving”, part of its ConnectedDrive system. You and I would call it self-drifting!

BMW says ActiveAssist is designed to act as “a safety assistance system which brings the vehicle back into line in demanding driving situations without any input from the driver.”

On the one hand it’s pretty clever that car makers can develop driver assistance systems that are able to step-in and regain control of the car in an emergency. On the other hand, of course, we’d all like to keep driving thanks. If we want to catch a cab we’ll do that, and have the added bonus of having a driver to tell us what’s wrong with the government of the day.

Anyway, you can read more about ActiveAssist after the break. Right now we know you just want to see the video of the M235i and it’s mad self-drifting skillz. It’s first up after the break.


BMW M235i gets in some tourist laps

BMW 235i

After the success of the M135i we can’t wait for the much better looking, if less practical, M235i. Here you can see the M235i in action at the Ring. One tip for a release of the 2 Series is the Detroit Auto Show in January.

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