Great balls of fire!

V8 Supercar driver Karl Reindler has walked away from this astonishing crash with nothing more than second degree burns to his hands. The incident happened at Barbagallo Raceway this morning after Reindler stalled his car on the starting grid and was hit from behind by Steve Owen, who also escaped without serious injury.

Speaking after the accident Reindler said, “I loaded the clutch up and it stalled. I had my foot all the way down; I didn’t even release the clutch. I couldn’t get it going at all. There’s nothing I could do.

“Before I knew it I saw flames inside the car. I guess I panicked and tried to get out as quick as I could. My body’s fine, it’s just my hands.”

[Source: Speedcafe]

UPDATE: New video has been added above which shows Channel 7 pitlane reporter Mark Larkham inspecting the burnt wreckage of Reindler’s car. Replays and subsequent commentary from Neil Crompton and Mark Skaife follows. After the break you can see footage of the incident as it happened.

MINI Challenge

Ben Tune on a roll in the MINI Challenge

With all the MINI CHALLENGE highlights we couldn’t forget Ben Tune’s rollover! Tune is a former Australian test rugby player and was part of the UBER-STAR CAR program at Round 3, held at Perth’s Barbagallo Raceway. This accident happened in Race 1 and while he did spend the night in hospital he was released with no serious injuries. A full statement from the MINI CHALLENGE organisers can be read HERE. Further commentary and a brief pre-race interview with the former Wallaby international can be seen HERE.

MINI Challenge

2008 MINI Challenge – Round 3, Race 2

Continuing our quest to bring you up to date with the first four rounds of the 2008 MINI CHALLENGE here are a couple of clips bringing you all the thrills and spills from Race 2 of the Round 3 action at Western Australia’s Barbagallo Raceway. This round, known as the Ben Tune Rollover Round, created a bit of controversy with UBER-STAR pole sitter Leanne Tander punted off before the first corner of Race 1. Then, of course, there was Tune’s accident, and you can see from his pre-race interview in the clip above that his comparisons of Test Rugby and motor racing were eerily accurate. Highlights and commentary of Ben’s accident are shown at the end of the first clip.

This category is still growing and with each race the racing gets tighter and more competitve. This still didn’t stop media personality Grant Denyer from having an interview during the race (see clip below), although, he was a bit short of breath at times showing that he was working damn hard.

A full wrap up of Round 3 results can be found HERE.