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Auto China: BMW Gran Coupé

BMW Gran Coupe

At the Auto China show in Beijing BMW had what they called a Design Night. An insight into the company’s design culture they said. To celebrate the event BMW were kind enough to go to the trouble of bringing along a new design concept. They have called it the Gran Coupé.

Four-door “coupés” are the new black it seems and this latest effort from BMW does look quite nice, it must be said. From some angles there is a lot of 3 Series coupé inspiration, as well. Mostly due to BMW’s well loved Hofmeister kink.

Not much detail is given in the press release below, but you can get some extra information thanks to the video published to YouTube by Autocar. All yours after the jump.


Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept

Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept

Euro wagons are cool, it’s the AUSmotive edict, and this snazzy new Shooting Break Concept from Mercedes is no exception. Inspired by the F 800 SRV, SLS ‘Gullwing’ and the 2008 ConceptFASCINATION the “four-door Coupé CLS” is set to make its public debut at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show.

Under the bonnet is a next-generation 3.5 litre V6 which pumps out 225kW (306bhp) and 370Nm of torque. There’s full LED headlights, as is the style these days and there’s even a special storage compartment in the back for your golf balls. Brilliant!

Mercedes reckon what you see here paves the way for their future design language, which means we should be seeing some very sharp looking Benzes in showrooms near you in the not too distant future.

Plenty of pics and a brief video can be seen after the jump.


MINI pedals zero emissions vehicle around Beijing

MINI Clubman Rickshaw

MINI has just launched a limited release zero emissions Clubman Rickshaw model on the streets of Beijing. At a time when the 2008 Olympic Games in China are under the spotlight due to the host city’s pollution this pedal powered MINI is just what the doctor ordered. The mobile Clubman is able to power through Beijing’s contested city streets like few other vehicles can.

Indeed the PR blurb states, “the MINI Rickshaw perfectly captures Beijing’s dynamic combination of tradition and progress, coupled with a touch of fantasy and individuality—as only MINI can do. The real Chinese lucky charms and talismen on the bicycle and in the inside of the vehicle are intended not only to bring the passenger luck, but also, of course, to release positive energy for the entire Olympic Games.”

If you’re on your way to the Chinese capital you’ll find the MINI Clubman Rickshaw in trendy club and scene districts such as the old Beijing quarter of Hu Tong.

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Volkswagen claims ‘Green’ medal at 2008 Olympic Games

Volkswagen official automotive partner for 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing

The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing start next Friday—08.08.08—and Volkswagen is looming as having as much presence around the Chinese capital as any of the athletes. A total of 5,000 vehicles have been assigned by Volkswagen Group China to aid logistic support during the Games, moving around athletes, Olympic guests and media. The vehicles assigned to the press center have been labelled the “Green Fleet” on account of their low emissions and low fuel consumption.

Volkswagen, ready to harness a captive audience, will also have a special pavilion at the Olympic Games—the 2000m2 Volkswagen Showcase. Volkswagen Group China expects 4,000,000 visitors to pass through, or as many as 160,000 per day. Lutz Kothe, Head of Sponsoring & Events at Volkswagen AG, commented, “The pavilion gives our guests to the Olympic Games the opportunity to experience the Volkswagen Group and its brands in the unique environment of the world’s biggest sporting event.”

The pavilion will feature models from Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda. More images and Volkwagen’s full press release can be seen below.