Audi A1 promo refresher – part 1

Audi A1 - The next big thing

Late last year Audi started to build the hype for it’s upcoming A1 model. They even recruited Justin Timberlake to be the car’s brand ambassador. He repaid that faith by allowing the paparazzi to snap some undisguised pics of the A1.

This is a car that Audi says will be the first premium model in the compact car segment. You might think BMW’s 1 Series could lay claim to that title, but it is more of an Audi A3 rival, in what would now be called the small-medium car segment.

Since launching their A1 microsite Audi have been drip feeding promo pics and videos in the lead up to the car’s official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. If you’ve missed them, here’s the first of a two part update that will bring you back up to speed.

In this update you will see a few Audi big wigs setting the scene for the A1. They explain what it will look like and why it is being made. You’ll also find out about the LED headlight technology filtering down from the R8, before seeing more info on the car’s exterior design.

Stay tuned for more on Audi’s “next big thing”.


Audi launches world’s first full LED headlamp

Audi R8 LED headlamp

The Audi R8 can now be optioned with full light-emitting diode (LED) headlights. The R8’s controversially styled LED day time running lights have set a new visual language for Audi’s lighting across their model range. But the R8 is the first car to have LED headlights to be used for general night time driving and can be used in both low and high beam. There are 54 LEDs that complete the set up—ouch, they come at a price though—approximately AU$5790!

Audi’s press release can be read after the jump.