2010 Audi A1 pics revealed ahead of Geneva debut

2010 Audi A1

Audi has surprised us by releasing a full suite of images of their “next big thing“—the Audi A1. The A1 is due for a full public reveal at the Geneva Motor Show in a few weeks.

So, what do we make of the Audi “MINI”? First impressions of the exterior are very good. Although, this is one car that will look best with larger alloys. The front and rear light clusters are works of art, as is the norm for Audi these days.

Inside, too, the immediate response is one of quality and Germanic style. The fold away nav screen is a nice touch. Although, speaking of touch, the touch screen nav systems used by Volkswagen, in the Golf for example, are a step ahead of current Audi navigation systems in terms of usability. Of course, it remains to be seen how this new MMI system will work in the A1, but a move towards the VW style would have been welcome.

Another observation from these pics is the apparent lack of dual climate control. Such systems are becoming common place these days and for a car claiming to be the first fair dinkum premium car in the compact class this might be a minor oversight. Having said that, the detail of the air vents in the A1 is something.

Audi is intent on trying to match MINI for customisation with the A1. Things like choosing the colour of the dramatic roof arch or tailoring interior appointments, even down to the detail of the air nozzles and colour of interior LED lighting, should ensure potential buyers are kept busy while working out how many of said options they can afford.

Not too much is given away on the engine range at this stage. There’s certainly no confirmation of an S1 model at this early stage, that’s for sure. For now, then, we know there will be four engines at initial launch, two diesel and two petrol. All will be turbocharged and the power on offer ranges from 63kW–90kW. As expected with those moderate numbers fuel consumption (l/100km) hovers around high 3s-mid 5s and CO2 figures are also relatively low.

These figures are gained, in part, through the use of Audi’s start-stop system which will be included on all engines mentioned at this stage. A 7-speed S tronic transmission will also be available across the board.

I’d say I speak for most AUSmotive readers when I say I am most anticipating the announcement of the S1 model (expected to debut at the 2011 Paris Motor Show). However, I am now more inclined to think the S1 will have a quattro drivetrain after AUSmotive recently learned there are plans to use such a system on the A1 platform. Either that or I was indirectly given the scoop on plans for a new Q1 model. Let’s hope it was the former!

You know the drill, heaps of images are all yours after the jump, along with more detail in the form of Audi’s press release.


Audi A1 promo refresher – part 1

Audi A1 - The next big thing

Late last year Audi started to build the hype for it’s upcoming A1 model. They even recruited Justin Timberlake to be the car’s brand ambassador. He repaid that faith by allowing the paparazzi to snap some undisguised pics of the A1.

This is a car that Audi says will be the first premium model in the compact car segment. You might think BMW’s 1 Series could lay claim to that title, but it is more of an Audi A3 rival, in what would now be called the small-medium car segment.

Since launching their A1 microsite Audi have been drip feeding promo pics and videos in the lead up to the car’s official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. If you’ve missed them, here’s the first of a two part update that will bring you back up to speed.

In this update you will see a few Audi big wigs setting the scene for the A1. They explain what it will look like and why it is being made. You’ll also find out about the LED headlight technology filtering down from the R8, before seeing more info on the car’s exterior design.

Stay tuned for more on Audi’s “next big thing”.