Watch a pair of LaFerraris lap Fiorano

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Here you can see a pair of LaFerraris take to the Fiorano test track. Maranello’s hybrid hypercar is powered by a 588kW 6.3 litre V12 complemented by an extra 120kW of electric power. The combined HY-KERS power output is 708kW (963CV). Torque is a very handy 900Nm as well. Put all that on a track […]

Fernando has fun in LaFerrari

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Here’s a short and sweet video from Ferrari showing Fernando Alonso at the wheel of the LaFerrari at the company’s famous Fiorano test track. Alongside Alonso is GT racer Andrea Bertolini. Asked to do a couple of slow laps for testing purposes Alonso couldn’t resist and let rip in the 708kW über-hybrid.

VIDEO: Behind the scenes with the LaFerrari

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Ferrari has released this behind the scenes clip featuring its new 708kW LaFerrari hypercar. Consider it a teaser for a new promo to come on the next week or so. As well as visuals, which we’ve already seen, we get some audio tidbits that are music to the ears of V12 fans.

Koenigsegg laughs at LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Pagani Huayra

Koenigsegg reckons their Agera R, first shown in Geneva two years ago, still has what it takes to see off the latest hypercar challengers from Ferrari and McLaren. Firstly, with 830kW (1115hp) available the Agera R has more power than the LaFerrari (708kW) or the P1 (675kW) and, crucially, at 1418kg with fluids they say […]

Chances of LaFerrari ownership worse than 2-1

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When Luca di Montezemolo officially launched the LaFerrari in Geneva a few days ago he said there were already 700 written expressions of interest for the car. It’s now being reported that the order list has grown to over 1000. That means if you’re lucky enough to have cash to seriously put your name on […]

The LaFerrari in video

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Ferrari has complemented its release of the LaFerrari with a suite of six videos. They are a bit nerdy in parts, but it’s also fascinating to get a closer look at the production techniques and technology used in Ferrari’s fastest ever road car. You can check them all out after the break.

Seven little Australians want the LaFerrari

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The strictly-limited LaFerrari hypercar has reportedly been sold out, although we suspect what that really means is that there’s sufficient interest in the car for Ferrari to follow its usual form of hand picking the punters deemed suitable to collect a set of keys. In the case of the LaFerrari they’ve got 499 happy phone […]

Geneva 2013: LaFerrari revealed

So, this is it, Ferrari’s Enzo replacement. Wait for it, it’s been named LaFerrari. Huh? The look is a little challenging too, that’s why we’ve started with the side profile above. There’s quite a bit of 458 Italia in the silhouette, which is good, but we’re pretty sure some other angles might leave you scratching […]