‘Frozen Black’ Paceman and Countryman announced

MINI Paceman JCW 'Frozen Black'

MINI has announced the arrival of a new Frozen Black metallic, a limited edition paint finish which will be available on high-end Paceman and Countryman models.

They say the “shimmering” finish is weather and car wash resistant. Although, care has to be taken when polishing and waxing so as not to result in an “unwanted gloss effect”. Naturally, BMW has a range of official care products available to ensure your not so shiny black paint stays as good as new.

Frozen Black can be optioned on Cooper S Countryman, Cooper SD Countryman, Cooper S Paceman, Cooper SD Paceman, John Cooper Works Countryman and John Cooper Works Paceman models. At this stage it’s not clear how limited the option will be, or if it will be available to Australian buyers. However, MINI states: “Due to the labour intensive process used to apply this exclusive body colour during production it is limited to a restricted number of cars.”

Let’s also assume you’ll need to pay for the privilege of that labour intensive process, but again, no word yet as to the expected cost of this paint finish.

We know there’s a lot of discontent out there about the Paceman and Countryman models. But we don’t car what anybody says, this looks cool! More after the break.

Drive Thru MINI

Drive Thru: MINI Paceman Cooper S

MINI Paceman Cooper S

Sometimes the most rewarding times behind the wheel are when you start your journey with no expectation. This was brought to my attention after a chance opportunity to test a Paceman Cooper S came my way. Such was the enjoyment experienced I want to give the game away right at the start; the Paceman Cooper S was fantastic! Now to explain why.

To some the Paceman is a bit of an oddball proposition, and while I quite like the look I can understand why some people will never warm to it.

Inside it’s the usual MINI fare, albeit with a bit more space than is the norm. That’s not to say there’s plenty of space to spare—there’s not—but the Paceman does offer more practicality than the regular hardtop. Certainly, the driver and passenger won’t be wanting for more room and while there is an improvement in rear seat legroom it’s no limousine back there. Rear headroom, too, is compromised by the Paceman’s sleek roofline. Most passengers will make do, but if you’re well over six foot make sure you shotgun the front seat.

Similarly, the boot is much bigger than we’re accustomed to for a MINI, but again, it’s not going to be a class leader.

Around town I was surprised, amazed in fact, at the ride quality. The test car was fitted with 19” alloys wrapped in Pirelli run flat tyres and was running sports suspension as well. Except for extreme bumps on the road that would upset any car the Paceman Cooper S was never harsh and rode with a smoothness and surety that MINI’s engineers can be justifiably proud.

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2013 Geneva Motor Show in pictures – part 2

2013 Geneva Motor Show

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Paris 2012: MINI JCW GP & Paceman in video

MINI John Cooper Works GP

MINI has two shining lights at Paris this year, the strictly limited John Cooper Works GP (30 of which are coming to Australia) and the two-door Countryman, otherwise known as the Paceman. Here’s the best videos featuring both cars filed from other people’s correspondents.


MINI Paceman due in 2012

MINI Paceman Concept

MotoringFile brings word the MINI Paceman will be going in production in 2012. Plans to build the Paceman were confirmed by BMW board member Ian Robertson earlier this year, but no were dates given.

The Paceman will be built alongside the Countryman at the Magna Steyr plant in Austria. It’s expected the Paceman will be on sale in late 2012. Although the production model will wear a different badge, something starting with C most likely.

[Source: MotoringFile]