BMW 5 Series Touring – Australian pricing & specs

BMW 5 Series Touring

BMW Australia recently launched its new F10 5 Series Touring down under, albeit a little later than first expected. There’s two models to start the range, both with turbo charged engines, the 520d and the 535i.

The 2.0 diesel four cylinder in the 520d produces 135kW/380Nm and has a manufacturer’s list price of $92,800. While the petrol powered 3.0 litre straight six in the 535i has peak numbers of 225kW/400Nm and pricing starts from $138,900.

Euro Estate driving doesn’t get much better than a BMW wagon, but as you can see, you have to pay to play. You can access full Australian specs from this 4.2mb PDF. After the break you will find more pics and BMW Australia’s official press release.


BMW 5 Series Touring – Aus launch in October

BMW 5 Series Touring

Following a series of leaked images over the weekend BMW have released official pics of their new 5 Series Touring, which will have its full public reveal at Leipzig in early April. Regular readers will know AUSmotive approves of all Euro wagons, and this new 5 Series is no different. It’s a nice evolution of the F10 5 Series saloon, and while I was a big fan of the previous generation 5 Series, the new models are starting to grow on me.

The 5 Series Touring is due in Australia in October September, and surprisingly BMW Australia have given us a tip on the expected engine line up at launch. It is stated in the press release (available below) that Australian customers will have the choice of two models, 520d and 535i. The 520d is powered by a 135kw four cylinder diesel engine, while the 535i gets the 225kW twin turbo 3.0 litre straight six also found in the Z4, among others. All engines meet EU5 emissions standards. Both models will be available with an 8 speed automatic transmission, although local pricing and specs won’t be confirmed until closer to the launch date.

As expected you can achieve a multitude of layout and boot opening arrangements. The rear window can be opened to offer quick access to the rear luggage compartment. Plus, there is an auto open/close function for gaining full access to the rear compartment. In its regular format the cargo space offered by the latest estate from Munich is 560 litres, which can be expanded to a maximum of 1670 litres. Instead of the more common 60:40 or 50:50 split folding rear seats this wagon provides a 40:20:40 set up. Which is also a hint that the rear bench is really best suited to two adults and a lap dog. If you need to fit five adults in your 5 Series Touring then make sure you bags the front seats first, as it might get a bit squishy in the back.

Like the saloon, the 5 Series Touring shares many components with the up scale 7 Series and all roll off the Dingolfing production facility. Further detail and a number of pics (you can click on each to load a 2000px super image) can be found after the jump. There’s also a brief intro courtesy of BMW’s YouTube channel.

UPDATE 3 August: BMW Australia have announced list pricing for the 5 Series Touring, which is now due in September:

  • 520d – $92,800
  • 535i – $138,900

Family touring in a 308

Peugeot 308 Touring

Remember your old summer holidays, with a long family drive in scorching heat. Your dad’s big 308 would scream past the semis on the highway and you just knew when you grew up you wanted a a beefy 308 too! Well son, I’m sorry to tell you, things have changed a bit. Holden doesn’t make a 308 any more, it has turned into a 427—stone the flamin’ crows, that’s 7 litres—and you need to be a Russian oligarch to afford its fuel bill. Fear not, because Peugeot shared your dream and they have already given us a new worldy, grain-fed 308. Yes, a small European hatchback is now what the kids of today dream of, and their memories of summer holidays will not be of long highway drives, but trips to the solarium or to the latest organically approved market to pick up some lima bean fed yak milk, or something. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, Peugeot Australia, in a fit of family fury, has just announced their 308 Touring range. So you see, your 308 dream car can come alive once again. This time with as many as five are-we-nearly-there-yets in the back. Seven seats in all. Happy days indeed!


2009 BMW E90 3 Series

2009 BMW 3 Series

BMW’s most important model, the 3 Series, has recently been given a bit of a spring clean. And look at that, the lads in Munich still had a few extra crease lines in the back of their cupboards that needed some air. Good thing then, that, despite negative hype, BMW actually do know how to design a car. This mid cycle refresh has kept the 3 Series looking sharp, both figuratively and literally.

Other more obvious exterior changes included a revised headlight cluster, now with LED turn signals. The famous BMW kidney grille has been enlarged and better suits the reskinned bonnet lines. The lighting changes continue at the back, too, with a more L shaped design employed, fitting into a restyled boot detail.

Inside there is a reworked iDrive system, an 80GB hard drive for music storage, and perhaps more importantly, it can also be used for map storage to aid navigation capabilities. A few other minor cosmetic tweaks have been made, including a repositioning of window switchgear.

More detail can be read below in BMW Australia’s press release, including a full suite of photos. You’ll be able to see the new 3 Series range in Australia in early 2009.