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2014 Geneva Motor Show in pictures – part 2

2014 Geneva Motor Show

Here’s your second batch of photos from the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, that makes it 155 photos in all. We start part 2 with the very cool Maserati Alfieri concept and end with the very cool Volvo Concept Estate. Cool!


Peugeot 308 R concept leaked

Peugeot 308 R concept

As far as leaks go this is a pretty good one. No dodgy blurry images, but the real deal, in all their multi-pixel glory. Now, what is this bordering on crazy contraption that we’re looking at? It’s a Peugeot 308 R concept.

Depsite the terribly shit paint job the car itself sounds rather promising. It’s got a 270hp (200kW) 1.6 litre turbo (and why can’t MINI get that much poke from the same engine?) and Torsen limited slip diff from the RCZ R—a car we’re so disinterested in we’ve not featured it here on AUSmotive. The 308, though, is not an awkwardly shaped blob that has proportions that would make John Merrick blush.

So, to start with we don’t mind this cooking 308 model. Presumably we’ll have all the finer details for you as Frankfurt draws closer. With any luck those details will outline a feasible plan of turning this concept into a car that hot hatch buyers can add to their ever growing shopping list.

[Source: Oppositelock via Caradisiac | Thanks to Richard for the tip]

UPDATE 28 August: Official press release added below.


Family touring in a 308

Peugeot 308 Touring

Remember your old summer holidays, with a long family drive in scorching heat. Your dad’s big 308 would scream past the semis on the highway and you just knew when you grew up you wanted a a beefy 308 too! Well son, I’m sorry to tell you, things have changed a bit. Holden doesn’t make a 308 any more, it has turned into a 427—stone the flamin’ crows, that’s 7 litres—and you need to be a Russian oligarch to afford its fuel bill. Fear not, because Peugeot shared your dream and they have already given us a new worldy, grain-fed 308. Yes, a small European hatchback is now what the kids of today dream of, and their memories of summer holidays will not be of long highway drives, but trips to the solarium or to the latest organically approved market to pick up some lima bean fed yak milk, or something. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, Peugeot Australia, in a fit of family fury, has just announced their 308 Touring range. So you see, your 308 dream car can come alive once again. This time with as many as five are-we-nearly-there-yets in the back. Seven seats in all. Happy days indeed!