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Choppy sees

Hopefully the content of this video will make up for that dreadful pun in the headline. What you’re looking at here is a behind the scenes ride by Sky Sports F1 presenter Martin Brundle in the FOM chopper which brings us spectacular television footage from grands prix around the world. As the image above indicates […]

28 years of Formula 1 engine sounds

If you’re one of the people who think the current V6 power units in Formula 1 sound rubbish here’s a video that should help put things right. The clip starts back in 1987, the last time the drivers had V6 turbos propelling them, and takes us right through the shrieking normally aspirated V12-V10-V8 era and […]

F1 teams ready to go radio ga ga

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As we head into the Singapore Grand Prix the FIA has decided it will crack down on pit to driver radio communication. Charlie Whiting, Formula 1 Race Director, has reminded teams that “the driver must drive the car alone and unaided” as outlined in Article 20.1 of the sporting regulations. “No radio conversation from pit […]

2014 Italian GP: 30 mins of onboard footage

19:45 – Ricciardo pwns Raikkonen 26:00 – Ricciardo pwns Vettel Oh yeah, there’s other awesome action to watch in this 30 minute clip from the 2014 Italian Grand Prix, too, thanks to Canal+ but we know you just want to see Daniel show those world chumps who’s boss! [via WTF1 | Thanks to Tom for […]

No changes at Williams

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While Ferrari is making heads roll off the track Williams will go into 2015 with the same driver pairing doing the business this year. It’s great timing for Felipe Massa who stood atop a Formula 1 podium at Monza for the first time in over a year. While Valtteri Bottas who has collected four podium […]

Big changes at Ferrari

Ferrari is having a bad year in Formula 1. Mind, in living memory, they’ve probably had worse years. But with the total dominance of Schumacher era still in recent memory the big wigs demand success and they aren’t happy with what they’re seeing. And by big wigs, we mean, big wigs. There’s not too many […]

McLaren could test with Honda engine this year

The McLaren-Honda reunification could make its track-based return this year, just days after the end of the 2014 season, according to Eric Boullier. “The safe side is that we’ll obviously be in Jerez with a McLaren-Honda car,” said Boullier, McLaren Racing Director. “But it keeps open to maybe the possibility that if everything is matching […]

Formula 1 expecting 20 races in 2015

Australia will once again kick off the Formula 1 season after a provisional 2015 calendar was sent to teams during the Italian Grand Prix weekend. The maximum number of 20 races have been pencilled in for the F1 calendar, with the Mexican Grand Prix back to rejoin the fun after a 20 year hiatus. 2015 […]

2014 Italian GP: Post-race press conference

Formula 1’s biggest soap opera continued in Monza where Lewis Hamilton won the Italian Grand Prix overnight. Lewis took the lead after Nico Rosberg made a repeat error at the first corner, allowing Hamilton to take the lead unopposed. It was a bad error from Rosberg, this is true. However, suggestions Rosberg ran wide on purpose […]

Lewis Hamilton wins 2014 Italian GP

Lewis Hamilton has overcome a fortnight of hyperbole and poor start from pole position to win the Italain Grand Prix. He’s now within striking distance of the world championship lead, 22 points behind Nico Rosberg. Mercedes AMG also enjoyed maximum points with Rosberg coming home in a comfortable second place. The German made an excellent […]

Haas F1 signs Ferrari engine deal

The Amercian-based Haas F1 team has announced it will race with Ferrari power units when it takes to the Formula 1 grid in 2016. “There is no team in Formula One more accomplished than Scuderia Ferrari, and no team with more history. They’ve been a part of Formula 1 from the beginning, and now they’ll […]

Reflecting on Daniel’s first F1 win

Red Bull Racing has released a video celebrating Daniel Ricciardo’s maiden F1 victory, achieved at the Canadian Grand Prix. In effect it’s a stop animation clip, but the frames were captured so close together it’s almost one fluid motion. It’s very cool. Join us as we take the jump, settle back to watch the video […]

Daniel Ricciardo awarded the Trofeo Bandini

Daniel Ricciardo has become the 21st recipient of the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy, awarded to the professional racing driver who most impressed the judging panel in the year prior, usually from the world of Formula 1. Daniel joins the likes of Michael Schumacher (2003), Fernando Alonso (2005), Mark Webber (2006), and Sebastian Vettel (2009) as previous […]

It’s another awesome F1 fan video

Patrick Krutyj has produced another excellent Formula 1 video compilation. This time we get a fair bit of 2014 action, along with some great moments from recent years. It’s 5 minutes and 53 seconds we think you will enjoy quite a lot.

Vercrashen Jr upholds the family name

The man boy many deem too young to drive in Formula 1, Max Verstappen, has ensured that the Vercrashen family name will live on, thanks to an embarrassing bungle in a demonstration run in Rotterdam yesterday. It was a pretty minor mishap and thankfully it was only Max’s pride that suffered. Perhaps one day Max […]