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New vehicle sales report – 2014

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For just the third time in Australia’s history we bought over 1.1 million new vehicles in a calendar year. Despite this, all states—expect New South Wales—sold fewer vehicles compared with 2013 and total sales across the country dropped 2.0% to 1,111,224; down from last year’s record high sales mark of 1,136,227.

The irrepressible march of the SUV continues with almost half of all sales now being represented by the SUV/light commercial sector (550,303 sales). Deliveries of new passenger cars dropped to 531,596; down 34,808 sales compared with 2013. Heavy commercial vehicles remained consistent at 31,325 sales; a slight drop of 371 sales compared with the previous year.

Two small passenger cars did fight it out for the best selling model of the year, with the Toyota Corolla (43,735) hanging on to its number one status from 2013, narrowly edging out the Mazda3 (43,313).

Light commercials include models such as the Toyota HiLux (38,126), Ford Ranger (26,619) and the Mitsubishi Triton (24,256). All three were in the top 10 selling models of 2014. The best selling SUV was the Mazda CX-5 (21,571).

Reinforcing the demand for SUVs were models just outside the top 10, including the Toyota RAV4 (18,160 sales, +6.9%), the Jeep Grand Cherokee (16,582, +28.2%) and the Toyota Prado (16,112, +10.6%).

Meanwhile the Holden Cruze (18,554, -24.0%) and Nissan Navara (16,080, -33.3%) could not repeat their strong performances of 2013, dropping out of the top 10 in 2014. They were replaced by the Mazda CX-5 (+7.2%) and the Volkswagen Golf (19,178, +10.6%).

When looking at the top 10 selling brands for the year almost all registered a decline in sales compared with 2013; only Hyundai (+3.2%) and Subaru (+0.8%) managed minor increases.

Toyota (203,501, -5.2%) easily retained its best selling position in 2014, ahead of Holden (106,092, -5.3%) and Mazda (103,144, -2.4%).

Marques outside the top 10 performing well against their 2013 sales include Isuzu Ute (16,674, +63.3%), Fiat (5,758, +49.4%), Renault (10,014 +42.7%), and They-bought-a-Jeep (30,408 +37.2%).

German prestige brands also had a good time of it last year, increasing sales across the board. Porsche (2,812 +47.6%) saw the largest increase in percentage terms, followed by Audi (19,227, +20.1%), Mercedes (31,895, +15.8%) and BMW (22,722, +10.7%).

Business sales dropped 6.6% in 2014, while government (+3.4%) and rental (+2.3%) purchases increased. Private sales remained largely stagnant, registering a small increase of 0.5%.

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New vehicle sales report – 2013

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Australians signed on the dotted line for more than one million new vehicle sales in 2013, for just the sixth time on record. The final tally last year ended at 1,136,227 vehicle sales. Loosely broken down, that’s 566,454 passenger vehicle sales, 333,511 SUVs, 204,566 light commericals and 31,696 heavy commercials.

Looking at the different market segments Tony Weber, FCAI Chief Executive, said: “Passenger cars remained the largest selling category in 2013 with 49.9 per cent of the market. However, this is a slight decrease compared to 2012, where passenger cars held 51.7 per cent of the market.

“The SUV and light commercial segments increased their share of the market in 2013, holding 29.4 and 18 per cent, respectively, compared to 27.6 and 17.8 per cent in 2012.”

The list of best selling car makers was headed by Toyota (214,630), Holden (112,059), Mazda (103,144), Ford (87,236) and Nissan (76,733).

Despite all the doom and gloom over the country’s financial state it’s worth nothing that almost all prestige car makers with a presence in Australia recorded an increase in sales compared with 2012: Aston Martin (+5.3%), Audi (+10.1%), Bentley (+86.2%), BMW (+11.5%), Ferrari (+8.2%), Lexus (+1.2%), Jaguar (+40.6%), Maserati (+8.1%), Mercedes-Benz (+23.0%), McLaren (+13.0%) and Porsche (+38.7%).

While the overall volumes for the prestige makers isn’t always high, the three main players—Audi (+1,474 sales), BMW (+2,109) and Mercedes-Benz (+5,150)—are statistically relevant. Even Porsche sold 532 more new cars in 2013. That’s 44 per month, or almost 1.5 more sales every day.

In contrast, despite the overall new vehicle market growing by 2.2% (24,195 sales) in 2013, the top three sellers all recorded a slight drop in sales on 2012 results: Toyota (-3,546 sales, -1.6%), Holden (-2,606 sales, -2.3%) and Mazda (-742 sales, -0.7%).

Indeed, of the top six selling car makers, only Hyundai recorded a growth in sales (+5,470 sales, +6.0%), with Ford (-3,172 sales, -3.5%) and Nissan (-3,014 sales, -3.8%) registering declines.

The highest selling models were the Toyota Corolla (43,498), Mazda3 (42,082) and Toyota HiLux (39,931). The best selling Australian made car (while we can still use that phrase) was the Commodore (27,766), in fifth place, behind the Hyundai i30 (30,582).

NOTE: You may have noticed we stopped doing a monthly report on sales figures last year. Please let us know if that is something you would like to see return in 2014.

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New vehicle sales report – December 2012

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A round of applause for Australia’s car buying public who achieved an all-time record of 1,112,032 sales in 2012. It’s only the fifth time Australians have bought more than 1 million cars in a calendar year. Last year’s results represent an overall increase of 10.3% (103,595 sales) compared with 2011.

FCAI Chief Executive, Tony Weber, explained demand for a wider range of vehicles helped to fuel the record result. “Reduced tariffs as well as changing consumer preferences have contributed to making the dynamic and innovative automotive industry that we have today,” he said.

“The 2012 sales result bears that out. Customer demand has been high and the industry has responded with a wide range of vehicles powered by a range of different fuels.”

When you read the material after the break it seems that almost everyone’s a winner except Holden and Ford. The General returned a 9.1% drop in sales compared with 2011, but managed to hold its position as the country’s second-best seller. Although, Mazda is snapping at its heels. Meanwhile, Ford held station, to a degree, returning a 0.9% drop in sales against 2011.

However, when you consider market-leader Toyota increased its annual sales by 20.1%—coupled with strong improvements from other top 10 selling brands like Honda (+18.9%), Mazda (+17.6%), Nissan (+17.4%), Subaru (+18.2%) and Volkswagen (22.6%)—we can’t imagine there’s too many smiles in the boardrooms at Fisherman’s Bend and Broadmeadows.

Individually, the Mazda3 managed to top the charts for 2012, notching up 44,128 sales. Close behind were Toyota’s HiLux (40,646) and Corolla (38,799).

It used to be that one in every four cars sold in Australia was either a Commodore or a Falcon. Not anymore. The Commodore was the fourth-best selling model (30,532 sales), while the Falcon didn’t even make it into the top 10.

Despite 2012’s record result Tony Weber expects a small drop in annual sales for 2013. “During this election year, and with production now having caught up with back orders, FCAI forecasts a national automotive market of 1,075,000 for 2013,” he said.

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New vehicle sales report – November 2012

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Well done Australia, for the first time on record you’ve bought more than 1 million new vehicles before the end of November. The year-to-date figure at the end of last month was 1,016,605, a 10.9% increase compared with the same time frame last year.

As always, string demand for SUVs in the private sector has fuelled the growth, but so too has a resurgence in sales of passenger vehicles.

Meanwhile, Government fleet sales have dropped off by a total of 35.1% compared with November 2011 and by almost 21% since the start of the year.

The top three selling brands in November were Toyota (19,312), Holden (10,354) and Mazda (8,732). While the three best selling models were the Toyota Corolla (4,190), the Mazda3 (3,703) and the Toyota HiLux (3,059).

Congratulations to Mazda, too, who has recorded its best ever annual sales results, with a month still remaining in the year.

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New vehicle sales report – October 2012

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It’s becoming boring to keep reporting that SUV sales are once again behind a strong monthly sales result. But VFACTS figures show SUV sales havr increased by 28.6% so far this year, and contributed 25,737 sales towards the October total of 95,584 new vehicle sales.

Year-to-date numbers show a total of 918,258 new vehicles have driven off showroom forecourts in 2012, a healthy increase of 9.7% compared to the same time last year. Interestingly, government sales are down 10.9% for the year, while private sales, up by 11.7%, have covered those losses.

Toyota continues its unassailable lead as the country’s top seller, registering 18,584 sales last month. They were followed by traditional bridesmaid Holden (10,239) and Ford (8,379).

The Toyota HiLux was the highest selling model in October, with 3,403 sales, followed by the Mazda3 (3,342) and the Toyota Corolla (2,977).

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New vehicle sales report – September 2012

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The monthly update from VFACTS brings word that 94,627 vehicles were sold in September, an increase of 9% (7,808 vehicles) on the same month in 2011.

Increases in the sales of hybrids helped to boost the result, so too the ongoing demand for SUVs. While government sales remain on the decline.

Toyota remains miles ahead of anyone else in overall sales, thanks to its 17,300 buyers. Mazda, though, has cracked the 10,000 monthly sales barrier for the first time (10,093) and found itself as the country’s second best selling marque last month. Holden (8,955) was demoted to third.

Year-to-date figures show 822,674 new sales have been recorded in 2012, 9.4% increase (70,546 vehicles) compared to the same period last year.

The high selling Mazda3 was Australia’s favourite purchase, with 4,276 September sales. The Toyota HiLux (3,479) was in second on the sales charts, ahead of the Hyundai I30 (3,144).

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New vehicle sales report – August 2012

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A total of 93,552 new vehicles were sold last month according to official VFACTS data. All states and territories, except Tasmania, registered more sales last month compared to August 2011.

Government sales are down compared to last year, but private and business sales are responsible for the strong August result. As always, SUV sales continue to put smiles on the faces of car dealers around the country. Those kidding themselves they need the freedom offered by SUVs have pushed up sales by 18.6% compared to August last year.

Year-to-date sales number 728,047, which is an increase of 9.4% on last year. Again, SUV sales are leading the way with 30% more sales than this time last year.

The Toyota HiLux continued to lead the sales charts last month, with 4,010 sales. Some distance back was the Mazda3 (2,990) and the Toyota Corolla (2,945).

Toyota continues its dominance overall as well, with 17,996 new buyers in August. Traditional rivals Holden (11,271) and Ford (7,795) claimed the minor placings. Hyundai and Mazda were snapping at the heels of the top three.

We look forward to seeing what impact new comers Infiniti and Opel can make on the sales charts in September.

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New vehicle sales report – July 2012

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After the euphoria of an end of financial year inspired all-time monthly record in June, Australia’s new vehicle sales came back to reality in July, with 86,641 vehicles walking out the door.

The official VFACTS figures show there’s still a strong demand for SUVs. Although at least buyers are downsizing their SUVs and even keen to take up diesel-powered models.

Year-to-date a total of 634,495 new vehicles have been sold in 2012, an increase of almost 10% compared to the same period in 2011.

Toyota (17,780 sales) maintains its stranglehold at the top of the monthly sales charts, ahead of Holden (8,936) and Mazda (7,951). The top three selling models last month were the Toyota HiLux (4,163), the Mazda 3 (3,355) and the Toyota Corolla (2,985).

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New vehicle sales report – June 2012

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Not content with May’s sales figures—an all-time record for that month—Australian car buyers have now set a new record for any month, registering 112,566 vehicle sales in June. That’s a staggering increase of 16,409 sales compared to June 2011.

Year-to-date sales total 547,854 vehicles and you’d suggest that means Australia will once again top one million annual sales.

The Toyota HiLux was the country’s highest selling model in June with 4,308 sales, ahead of the Mazda3 (3,924) and Toyota Corolla (3,804).

It’s no surprise, then, to see Toyota continue their stranglehold as the best selling manufacturer. They sold 21,649 vehicles last month, compared to 10,632 by Holden and 9,672 for Hyundai.

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New vehicle sales report – May 2012

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Last month Australians set a new vehicle sales record for the month of May. A total of 96,069 vehicles were sold, representing a very healthy increase of over 24% (18,668 vehicles) compared to May 2011.

Year-to-date numbers are up almost 9% on 2011 numbers, with a total of 435,288 sales in the first five months of 2012.

Toyota, as usual, claims the major monthly honours of top selling manufacturer (20,443) and highest selling individual model with the HiLux (4,626). Holden (9,017) and Mazda (8,346) fall in behind Toyota on the sales charts.

With such a bumper month it’s no surprise to see so many manufacturers releasing brag sheets. You can read them all after the break.

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New vehicle sales report – April 2012

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A total of 79,097 new vehicles were sold in April, official VFACTS numbers show. That’s an increase of 6.6% (4,833 sales) compared to same month last year.

While the demand for SUVs continues (27.6% of all monthly sales) there is an increasing trend for diesel powered SUVs, up 56% on the same month in 2011.

“Yet again, SUVs dominate the Australian vehicle market, with sales increasing for all sizes of SUVs in the private, business and rental sectors,” FCAI Chief Executive Ian Chalmers said. “This month however we can also see an interesting emergence of customer preference for diesel powered SUVs.”

The Hilux remains a leading product for Toyota and topped the sales charts in April, followed by the Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla. No surprise to see Toyota heading sales figures, in front of Mazda and Holden.

Remind us why the Feds are supporting the Commodore and Falcon again?

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New vehicle sales report – February 2012

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Last month Australians signed off on 85,723 new vehicle sales, that’s almost 5000 more than February last year. A bit over half of all vehicles sold were classified as passenger cars. Fair enough. But around one quarter, that’s one in every four sales, is now an SUV. Shame on you people!

FCAI Chief Executive, Ian Chalmers is just happy that punters are splashing their cash. “The SUV market has clearly made a strong connection with auto customers by meeting their diverse needs,” he said. “This is demonstrated by overall SUV sales being up 23.8 per cent (4,505) since last month and 26.6 per cent (9,578) compared with February last year.”

Toyota was miles ahead of its nearest competitor, Holden, on the overall sales charts. While Mazda is having a turn as the third best seller nation wide, a position that generally rotates between them, Ford and Hyundai.