Volkswagen announces Golf R Wolfsburg Edition

Volkswagen Golf R Wagon Wolfsburg Edition

Volkswagen Australia will launch the Golf R Wagon locally in September and when it does it will be sold solely as a limited-run model badged as a Wolfsburg Edition.

It’s expected “limited-run” will translate to around 200 examples with a similar number of Golf R Wolfsburg Edition five-door hatchbacks also to be up from grabs from September.

The Golf R Wagon Wolfsburg Edition will be priced from $58,990, while the hatch version will be a bit cheaper at $56,990 ($1750 more than a regular Golf R).

Based on MY16 Golf R specifications, the Wolfsburg Editions will be available with a 6-speed DSG only and feature the standard 206kW/380Nm engine plus a list of equipment and cosmetic enhancements.

Those enhancements include 19″ Pretoria-style alloy wheels, black wing mirrors, black roof rails for the wagon, Carbon Nappa leather seats with front heating, Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, Proactive occupant monitoring system, blind spot monitor and, of course, a special Wolfsburg Edition badge on the rear. The only option available is a panoramic glass sunroof ($1850).

The Wolfsburg Editions will be available in three colours including Oryx White Pearl, which will be exclusive to the Wolfsburg Edition range. The other colours have not been specified in the available press material but judging by the supplied pics you can lock in Lapiz Blue metallic and we expect the third colour will be Deep Black Pearl Effect.

There’s a few more pics from Volkswagen and their official press release waiting for you after the break.

Video Volkswagen

Sebastien Ogier tries out the Golf R Estate

Volkswagen Golf R Estate

So you’re carving through the mountains in your hot hatch, having a fun time and then some bloody upstart in a station wagon rocks up sticking his nose in where it’s not wanted. Except it’s not any old upstart and he’s not driving any old wagon.


Volkswagen Golf R wagon revealed

Volkswagen Golf R estate

Thank you Volkswagen. Thank you, for finally making a red hot version of the Golf wagon. This the the Golf R Variant, stuffed with the same 221kW/380Nm 2.0 litre four pot from the popular Golf R hatchback.

The cost of that practical 605 litres of cargo space (1620 litres with rear seats folded down) is just 0.2 seconds off the 0–100km/h time, which is quoted at a rapid 5.1 seconds. Full technical details are yet to be revealed but it seems as though the go fast estate will be available exclusively with a 6-speed DSG transmission.

Now on public display at the LA Auto Show there’s no word yet from Volkswagen Australia confirming the Golf R wagon will be offered for sale down under, but let’s hope that announcement is not too far away.

This is one seriously cool car!


Golf R wagon preparing for possible Essen launch

Golf R Estate prototype

This Volkswagen Golf R estate spied at the Nürburgring in recent days makes us very happy. This will undoubtedly become the coolest Golf money can buy. Word is it will be launched at the Essen Motor Show in late November.

The all-paw estate is likely to weigh around 100kg more than its hot hatch sibling, meaning performance from the 221kW/380Nm EA888 2.0 litre engine shouldn’t suffer too much. We should be looking at mid 5s for the 0–100km/h dash.

Thankfully the current Golf wagon is a much nicer looking car than the previous generation. And with a makover from R GmbH it looks even better—just look at those phat quad exhaust tips.

Volkswagen Australia, if you do not bring the Golf R wagon down under we will destroy you!

[Source: Auto Express | Pics: Automedia | Thanks to Charlie for the tip]

Audi Jaguar Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen

Ringing it with Audi, Jag, Mercedes and VW

Mercedes-AMG GT prototype

Regardless of what the new owners will have in store for the Nürburgring when they takeover next year it’s clear the industry pool is still in full swing.

Here’s four videos thanks to Dale from Bridge to Gantry which show a Mercedes AMG GT, an Audi R8 of some description (possibly turbocharged), a Jaguar XE Saloon and a VW Golf R Wagon being put through their paces.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!


Should Volkswagen make a Golf R wagon?

Golf R wagon prototype


And as this spy shot shows it turns out Volkswagen may well be stuffing its most powerful Golf drivetrain into the most convenient and versatile Golf platform, the Variant (aka wagon).

As ever the prototype was snapped close to the Nürburgring and as you can see there was no attempt at all from VW to disguise the car. We hope that means an official release is close by.

A reminder that the Mk7 Golf R is powered by a 221kW 2.0 TSI engine with a 4motion all-wheel drive system. It would be even better if the rumoured Golf R Evo thingy was released as a wagon too. But that’s just being greedy!

[Source: VWvortex | Thanks to Charlie for the tip]


Volkswagen Golf VII Variant revealed

Volkswagen Golf VII Estate

Following an official preview at the Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen has now revealed preliminary information and a gallery of new images for its latest Golf Variant. We’ll probably know it as the Golf Wagon in Australia (release date to be confirmed).

Based on the Golf VII hatchback, VW has utilised its flexible MQB platform to help increase cargo space by up to 125 litres and reduce weight by as much as 105kg. Included as standard equipment is the XDS+ electronic differential lock and dynamic chassis control (DCC), with a 10mm lower ride height, will be available as an option. Hmm, Golf R Estate anyone?

In overseas markets up to seven different engine specs will offered and fuel consumption ratings are as low as 3.9l/100km (77kW TDI) or 5.0l/100km (77kW TSI BlueMotion). Local engine options are yet to be specified, but we expect referring to the local hatchback offerings will be a good place to start (90TSI, 103TSI and 110TDI).

You can read and see more from Volkswagen after the break.

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Geneva 2013: Volkswagen Golf Variant

Volkswagen Golf VII Estate

Today has been a great day at Geneva. The Porsche 911 GT3 was revealed, and that way over the top Lamborghini Veneno, too. As we speak the covers have just come off the Alfa Romeo 4C and Ferrari’s Enzo replacement is moments away from its debut. But, never mind any of that! There’s a new Volkswagen Golf Variant! It’s sure to steal away the limelight from those tinpot models already mentioned.

The Golf VII “Variant” is so versatile it can be called a Variant in Europe, an Estate in the United Kingdom and a Wagon in Australia. Plus, it can fit up to four boxes in the boot. It’s true, there’s even a picture to prove it.

Thankfully, though, the new Golf Variant Estate Wagon is actually pretty nice to look at. For a Golf Variant Estate Wagon. At least, it’s a whole lot better looking than the old abomination it replaces.

Actually, what does sound quite interesting, and sadly there’s no pics from VW HQ just yet, is the Golf Variant R-Line. It features a flash body kit, a 110kW/320Nm 2.0 TDI engine and the latest Haldex V all-wheel drive system. Now that is something that sounds like it could be the perfect family planner Variant Estate Wagon.


It couldn’t look any worse than the old one

Volkswagen Golf VII estate prototype

Euro estates; we love ’em. Volkswagen Golfs; yep, we love them too. So when Volkswagen Australia finally cottoned on and gave us the Mk6 Golf Wagon back in 2010 you’d think we’d have been over the moon. The thing is, the previous-gen Golf estate was butt-ugly. Clearly Volkswagen’s usually competent, if unadventurous, design team had the day off when the old wagon was seemingly rushed through.

We’re pleased to see Volkswagen hasn’t given up, though. Beneath all that disguise in the image above is the new Golf VII estate. It’s due to go on sale in Europe in about a year from now (expect 2014 for Australia, if it makes it).

The fact the car is so heavily disguised is a good thing, we think. It must look good under there. Else, if they didn’t want us to look at the prototype, they would have just covered the car in Mk6 styled graphics. And that’s saying something when that crazy puzzle disguise is easier on the eye than the old model.

Like it says on the tin, it’ll be usual Golf fare for the most part, just with a bit more cargo space thanks to the estate body shape. Interestingly, the same 505 litres of rear cargo space is expected to remain in the translation from the Golf V/VI to the all-new Golf VII platform.

[Source: Car]


New VW Jetta Estate rendering

VW Jetta wagon

Earlier this year Volkswagen Australia launched a new Golf wagon model. It’s the first time such a variation of the familiar Golf platform had been offered down under. And, well, it looks a bit of an afterthought. Clearly not one of VW’s greatest triumphs in automotive design.

This new rendering from Car and Driver, then, gives new hope to those who like a bit more practicality in the Golf-sized segment. They reckon this is what a new Jetta wagon might look like. Or, more to the point, it’s probably what the next Golf wagon will look like. The article states the next “SportWagen” will remain based on the Golf VI chassis. Remember, the Jetta is now an independent model line.

Whatever the underskin origins of this new Estate car, one thing is certain, it is shaping as being a vast improvement over its predecessor.

[Source: Car and Driver]


2010 Golf Wagon – Australian pricing

2010 VW Golf Wagon

Volkswagen Australia have just released an Estate version to their volume selling Golf range. Known in Australia as the Golf Wagon, it will be initially offered in two model lines—Trendline and Comfortline.

Entry level pricing, before those nasty delivery and government charges, starts at $26,990. That gets you a 90kW 1.4 TSI Trendline with 6 speed manual. The top of the range model, 103kW 2.0 TDI Comfortline with 6 speed DSG, is priced from $36,490. The usual range of options is also available and a list of prices is available below.

Four engines will be available for those wanting the maximum 1495 litres of cargo space the Golf Wagon provides. Two 1.4 TSI engines, with either 90kW or 118kW are complemented by a 77kW 1.6TDI and a 103kW 2.0 TDI. The full gamut of Volkswagen transmissions is on offer, including 5 and 6 speed manuals in addition to 6 and 7 speed DSG offerings. At a basic level you can choose a manual or DSG with all engine choices, the numbers of cogs you get depends on the engine choice.

This is the first time we have seen a Golf Estate/Variant/Wagon in Australia and it remains to be seen how successful this addition to the Golf line up will be. I know one thing, though, they’d sell a lot more of them if they bothered to get Volkswagen to design the rear of the car. Instead, it looks like they just picked up some 1990s Honda Accord tail lights, stuck them on the back and thought, that should do it. When the rest of the Volkswagen range is, generally, so expertly styled—and of particular note here is the Passat Wagon—one has to wonder just how on earth they came to this conclusion.


Volkswagen’s Golf joins Estate bandwagon

Volkswagen Golf Estate

Volkswagen Australia will be launching the Golf Variant next year. Expected to arrive by March 2010 the car will be marketed here as the Golf Wagon, dropping the usual Variant label used in overseas markets.

The front end is, pretty much, all regular Golf. The back end, is all new, of course, and while the side profile is quite smart, the rear detailing is not so successful. The rear tail light assembly, in particular, is a bit ugly, quite frankly. Still, practicality is the order of the day here, and such details probably won’t bother too many potential customers.

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed, however, Volkswagen Australia Managing Director, Anke Koeckler, has indicated it will be “several thousand dollars” more than the volume selling Golf hatch. Currently, entry level pricing for the Mk6 Golf begins at around $26,000 for a 1.4 TSI or a shade over $33,000 for a 2.0 TDI. It is probably safe to expect engine options will match closely to those announced when the Mk6 Golf was launched in February this year.

So, this wagon won’t be the cheapest kid on the block. But with up to 1550 litres of storage space on offer Volkswagen will be hoping it’s mix of fuel efficient engines, renowned build quality and mid-premium status will attract young families, and possibly even some fleet sales, to the Golf Wagon.

A European press release, and a variety of images follow after the jump.

UPDATE: Here’s a quick review from Autocar.

[Source: Sydney Morning Herald]