Ford confirms V8 Supercars exit after 2015 season

It’s now official: Ford will pull out of V8 Supercars after the completion of the 2015 season. It’s a story that’s been on the boil for months and was today confirmed by Ford Australia boss Bob Graziano. “This afternoon, we will announce we will provide support to teams racing Ford Falcons in the 2015 V8 […]

V8 Supercars: Ford’s Car of the Past?

According to the rumours Ford will pull out of V8 Supercars at the end of the 2015 season. This, despite US powerhouse Penske signing a deal with Dick Johnson Racing. As it stands there will only be six Fords on the grid next year. The mainstream media is bemoaning the end of the classic Ford […]

Holden HSV GTS Maloo ute: The best show pony ever?

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The Holden ute is an Aussie icon, and while its passing will be a sad day, HSV is going to send off the ute by creating the greatest and fastest show pony it has ever made. The exact model name is yet to be confirmed but the working title of HSV GTS Maloo seems to […]

Well they did buy a Toyota after all

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At the risk of offending the majority of Australia’s car buying public we have to chuckle at a story being run by GoAuto, which highlights the ignorance of the average Toyota consumer. Turns out many Toyota buyers had no idea the Japanese giant built cars in Australia and on hearing reports of Toyota leaving Australia […]

Stuff the local industry, just give us cheaper cars!

The Australian Automobile Association hasn’t wasted any time shedding tears for the demise of Australia’s car making industry. No, they’re starting the call for making our imported cars cheaper. To be fair the AAA has anointed itself to represent “the interests of all Australian motorists nationally and internationally” and so giving too much thought to […]

Toyota Australia to stop local production in 2017

Toyota Australia will cease its local production at the end of 2017. Toyota officials addressed workers this afternoon with more than 2500 staff expected to lose their jobs. Further job losses will follow in related component and parts making industries. Toyota Australia currently makes the Camry, Camry Hybrid and Aurion models at its Altona factory […]

Commodore and Falcon decline tells the real story

As the fallout and childish finger pointing from politicians tries to pin the blame for the decision from Ford and now Holden to stop making cars in Australia, this graph from News Limited, first published in January, tells us all we need to know. Yes, the graph stops at the end of 2012 and so […]

Toyota Australia sounds ominous warning

Toyota has issued an official response to news Holden will stop making cars in Australia by the end of 2017. And it’s not going to fill the local manufacturing industry with much confidence. Toyota Australia responds to GM Holden announcement We are saddened to learn of GM Holden’s decision. This will place unprecedented pressure on […]

Holden to cease local production in 2017

News has come through from General Motors in Detroit confirming the inevitable: Holden will stop making cars in Australia in 2017. GM’s full statement can be read after the break, but here’s a few snippets: “We are completely dedicated to strengthening our global operations while meeting the needs of our customers,” said GM Chairman and […]

Holden boss: “No decision has been made”

While fronting the Productivity Commission earlier today Mike Devereux, GM Holden Managing Director, was asked if the company had already decided to close down its local manufacturing as soon as 2016. His reply: “No decision has been made.” He went on to compare government subsidies with other sectors, suggesting the cost of losing the automotive […]

Hope our luck doesn’t end now

Holden will close its local manufacturing operations in 2016 according to the ABC. The national broadcaster says senior government ministers have confirmed their belief that General Motors, Holden’s parent company, has already made the decision to stop making cars in Australia. For their part Holden is not making any comment and says its unlikely to […]

The future of the Aussie ute appears rooted

Australia moves one step closer to the loss of its automotive manufacturing sector with News Ltd reporting the Holden ute will face the axe by 2016. We already know that’s the year Ford Australia will stop making the Falcon and the long-term future of the Commodore is on shaky ground, too. A decline in sales […]