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Tiff Needell on the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

In a recent episode of the revised Fifth Gear television program former F1 racer Tiff Needell got some one on one time with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ‘Gullwing’. The location for his drive? The Isle of Man. As it is the Isle of Man presents some kind of motoring nirvana; the roads there have no […]

Fifth Gear will be back on UK TV screens in June

Rumors of Fifth Gear‘s return to TV screens first surfaced last December, just a few months after it was confirmed the show had been axed. It’s now official, Fifth Gear will be back on UK television screens in a few weeks time. According to the Channel Five website the new series will premiere on Thursday […]

VBH reviews Porsche Boxster Spyder

Vicki-Butler Henderson has got her hands on the Porsche Boxster Spyder for the benefit of her Fifth Gear Web TV audience. Even better she took it to the track and gave a jolly good spanking. She reckons the car has a fantastic chassis, but is it worth the extra cash over the regular Boxster S? […]

A big luxurious taxi

That headline sounds less than flattering, but if you watch Vicki Butler-Henderson’s Fifth Gear Web TV review of the Porsche Panamera Turbo you will see she loves the thing. I’m still not convinced of the Panamera’s styling, outside or inside, but, apparently the sensation from the driving position is a very good one. Ultimately, that’s […]

Breaking news: Fifth Gear is coming back

That’s the word on the tweet according to Jonny Smith. You’ll remember Jonny has already given us this potential scoop late year. This news follows reports from October last year confirming the show had been axed. Now, it looks as though Fifth Gear is about to take a leading role in Lazarus: The Auto Show. […]

Fifth Gear looks set for 2010 comeback

According to former Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith, it looks like the other British TV show will be making a comeback in 2010. Smith posted the above tweet on Christmas morning (Australian time) and it makes quite a clear statement indicating Fifth Gear will be back. News emerged in October that Fifth Gear would be […]

Party on, Wayne!

Wow! What a totally amazing, excellent discovery! Jonny Smith, former Fifth Gear presenter, is trying to sell his 1975 AMC Pacer. You know the car, it’s like the one featured in Wayne’s World and, if my memory serves, is the only car ever made to have different sized driver and passenger doors. Yeah, odd, huh. […]

Fifth Gear cancelled – CONFIRMED

The Mail Online reports that British television show Fifth Gear has been cancelled. The Channel Five program aired its sixteenth season earlier in the year and, according to the Mail report, Fifth Gear failed to rate in the channel’s top 30 programs. However, recent tweets from one of the show’s stronger presenters, Jonny Smith, would […]

Fifth Gear web TV

You may recall that in addition to the regular TV show Fifth Gear offers a short and snappy web edition too. Generally hosted by Vicki Butler-Henderson, this is the latest episode—number 10. There’s a bit of news at the start before getting a closer look at Ken Block in action, while Vicki rounds things out […]

VBH drives Volkswagen’s Concept BlueSport roadster

If you’re not a Fifth Gear fan you’ll have missed the news that they have revamped their website to now include a fortnightly TV Web Edition. Kind of like the TV show, but without that fool Tim Shaw. It’s better already! In Episode 5, the most recent installment, Vicki Butler-Henderson is given a drive of […]

Fifth Gear review Mk6 Golf GTI

On last night’s episode of Fifth Gear (16×05) Jonny filed a review for the not so new in Europe, but yet to be released in Australia, Volkswagen Mk6 Golf GTI. Click on the image above to watch the clip at the official Fifth Gear website. Back in 2004 when Jason Plato thrashed the Mk5 GTI […]

Hot wheels

Ever wondered if the Hot Wheels loop the loop you had as a kid was ever possible for real? Well, as this official Fifth Gear behind the scenes clip shows, you need wonder no more—resident Fifth Gear stuntman Steve Truglia has kicked off Series 16 with one of his best stunts yet. The stunt was […]