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Flaming hips: The art of auto camouflage

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You’re all familiar with the lengths car makers will take to ensure their prototypes are hard to recognise when they’re out in public view. Crazy patterned vinyl wraps seem to be the best way to fool the eye and, importantly, the camera lens. This Mercedes-AMG GT almost looks cool with its flaming style camouflage wrap, […]

Nürburgring fans, meet Viktor Kharitonin

Viktor Kharitonin is a name you may not have heard of before. He’s a Russian business tycoon with connections to Roman Abramovich and has made his cash in pharmaceuticals, among other things. According to recent reports Kharitonin has stepped in to save the Nürbrgring by buying a controlling stake in the Capricorn consortium which won […]

Top Gear captured filming in Australia

Finally, Top Gear has come to Australia to film a segment. At least that’s the conclusion to draw after Jeremy, James and Richard were spotted in the Northern Territory town of Katherine last week. Presumably in the top end to take advantage of reintroduced and extended desrestricted roads, Clarkson was at the wheen of a […]

Chris Harris on Cars to launch on 12 November

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Chris Harris is one of our favourite car reviewers, and probably one of yours too. It’s not so much that he can hang the arse out of pretty much anything he drives, rather that he has an ability to describe the car he is driving and the sensations he is feeling better than pretty much […]

Things are not over yet

It’s not news to tell you how much of an inspiration Alex Zanardi can be to us all. But every now and then we may need a reminder. So, when you’re next feeling a bit crap about things, watch this video. Not only will it give you some perspective, it will help you prepare to […]

Stunning photography from Silverstone Classic

The annual Silverstone Classic event is one likely to have revheads salivating the world over. In the word’s of photographer Nat Twiss: “The Silverstone Classic is a massive gathering of classic car lovers from around the UK, and I don’t think there’s a better introduction to the spectacle of vintage metal anywhere else in the […]

London Taxis en route to Melbourne

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Following a successful trial in Perth the next city to see London Taxis working its streets will be Melbourne. Perth was chosen as a test city due to its high temperatures. For the most part the cabs have worked well, but some minor revisions will be made to the Perth fleet and incorporated into the […]

Money talks, Bernie walks

As expected news has come through overnight confirming the end to the Bernie Eccelstone bribery case, thanks to an agreed settlement which will cost the F1 supremo US$100 million. “The court did not consider a conviction overwhelmingly likely from the present point of view,” said Andrea Titz, spokesperson for the Munich court. “There was no […]

$100m is the going rate to avoid a bribery conviction

Last week news emerged that Bernie Ecclestone was likely to buy his way out of the bribery charges laid against him in a German court. Today, The Independent reports Eccelstone will pay US$100m to settle the case. That money will go to the German state of Bavaria and, astonishingly, Bernie says they should build a […]

Australian Grand Prix secured until 2020

Victorian Premier, Dr Denis Napthine, has been making waves today to tell the world he’s signed a contract extension which will keep the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne until 2020. “Formula 1 is a key pillar of Victoria’s major sporting events strategy,” Dr Napthine said. “This calendar is unrivalled worldwide, commencing with the Australian Tennis […]

Chris Harris explains subscription channel /DRIVE+

Chris Harris and his buddies from /DRIVE have just launched their paid YouTube channel /DRIVE+. It will run alongside the free channel we’ve come to know and love, as well as airing the program on NBC. Harris has explained the move in detail via his PistonHeads blog. Here’s a snippet: YouTube underwrote two years of […]

Bernie says: I’ll pay to settle bribery case

The bribery case involving Bernie Ecclestone looks set to be settled out of court. The BBC reports Ecclestone’s lawyers are ready to pay up to €25 million (AU$35.7m) to end the case against him in the German courts. On Tuesday Ecclestone’s defence team called for an end to proceedings citing a lack of evidence while […]