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Top Gear Series 21 to start on 26 January 2014?

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There you go, confirmation on the start date for the 21st season of Top Gear has come from Jeremy Clarkson himself. After the break you can see a preview for a couple of possible segments thanks to the all seeing eye of YouTube. UPDATE: As pointed out by, 23 January is a Thursday and […]

Top Gear Series 20 in review

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Top Gear Series 20 finished up a couple of weeks ago. As usual, in amongst the arsing about there was some quality material to entertain revheads around the globe. The lads have dropped in with this video to share their highlights along with the promise of there being more to come. It doesn’t seem all […]

Mark Webber appears on Top Gear 20×06

Mark Webber appeared on the latest episode of Top Gear (Series 20, Episode 6) on the weekend. He discussed the merits driving upside down, how much he will miss Sebastian Vettel and went second fastest on the Top Gear F1 lap charts, despite making a hash of the hammerhead. Check out the video after the […]

Some say… Gordon Shedden is The Stig

Is this man the latest Stig? His name is Gordon Shedden and you may well have first heard of 34-year-old BTCC driver when we brought you news about the 210km/h Honda Mean Mower. The mower was originally conceived by Top Gear magazine. Shedden has also appeared in the current series of the TV show after […]

Top Gear Series 20 to premiere on 30 June

Season 20 of Top Gear is due to hit UK screens on 30 June. That’s this coming weekend; cool! Here’s a preview of what you can expect. For even more detail go straight to the source.

VIDEO: Top Gear’s unwelcome Korea move

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Car versus chopper races are nothing new in automotive television. Indeed, Fifth Gear has just had a go in their latest episode. But spare a thought for Jeremy, James and Richard’s South Korean offshoot, Top Gear Korea, as their Corvette ZR1 v AH1 Cobra helicopter stunt went very wrong. Kim Jin Pyo was at the […]

VIDEO: Top Gear Season 19 preview

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To remind us that the next Series 19 of Top Gear is just over a week away, BBC Two has released this short teaser to YouTube. Nice work Shazza!

Top Gear Season 19 starts on 27 January

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Good news for Top Gear fans waiting for Series 19 to air, with word coming through the boys are due back at their Dunsfold hangar filming on Wednesday 23 January. That means we can expect to see the first episode of the next season on UK screens on Sunday 27 January. For now it looks […]

Top Gear Season 19 teased by Top Gear!

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Normally pre-broadcast updates concerning the latest season of Top Gear come from anywhere but Top Gear; we even broke the Vietnam story back in 2008. But, as Series 19 draws closer, Top Gear has cut out the middle man and posted an update of what’s been going on and what to expect: Christmas special has […]

Three more years for Top Gear?

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Richard, Jeremy and James have all signed a new three-year contract with BBC TV to continue as hosts of Top Gear according to The Guardian. Further, the article claims that Bedder 6 has been bought by BBC Worldwide. Founded in 2006, Bedder 6 controls the commercial rights to Top Gear and is owned by Clarkson […]

Top Gear completes “Deadly 720” loop the loop

Last weekend, while we were busy watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the lads from Top Gear were doing a live show in Durban, South Africa. One of the star attractions was a loop the loop stunt called the “Deadly 720”. That’s 720 degrees, which means two circular loops completed in a trick four-wheeled […]

Top Gear Season 19 to start in January 2013

Following our post earlier in the week, Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed via twitter that the start date for Season 19 of Top Gear will be next January. Clarkson established there’ll be no more regular episodes in 2012: “There’s a rumour in internet land that there will be no more Top Gears this year. I’m afraid […]