Baby M confirmed for 2nd quarter 2011

BMW 1 Series M spy shot

A bit more news on the 1 Series-based M car, which has now been confirmed for release in the second quarter of next year. Dr Kay Seglar, head of BMW M GmbH, has also ruled out the M1 badge for this model. This will please the purists wanting to protect the history of BMW’s 1970s M1 supercar.

Which leads to the question of what will this entry level M rocket be called? The best guess now seems to favour a 135i M badge, but other possibilities include 1 M, 135 M and 135tii.

[Source: via BimmerFile]


BMW Z2 scheduled for 2011?

BMW Z2 - Auto Motor und Sport

German publication Auto Motor und Sport reckons BMW are on track to reveal a baby Z2 roadster by 2011. If this rendering, prepared by Mark Stehrenberger, is anything to go by it will be as stunning to look at as it will be to drive, no doubt.

Best guesses would indicate a mostly four cylinder engine line up, with the possibility of some type of hybrid engine in the range, as well. Although, if you’re anything like me, you’re already thinking how good it would be to have the 225kW twin turbo inline six cylinder from the 135i wrapped inside this gorgeous shell.

Here’s hoping this rumour grows in momentum and we see something concrete on the Z2 in 2010.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport via autoblog


BMW 135i undergoes impromptu crash test!


This BMW 135i suffered an unwanted fate after a nearby building came crashing down on top of it. The car, a BMW press vehicle, was under the watch of Wheels journalist Samantha Stevens. You can read all about it, and see more images of woe at the Wheelsmag blog. Ironically, Samantha had the 135i because the M3 she was hoping to collect was ‘no longer available’. Let’s hope the M3 didn’t meet a similar demise!

Testament to the little Beemer’s intrinsic strength is this comment from Samantha’s post:

“A positive note to this sad story can be found in the pictures. The 135i’s rigid body structure upheld the impact of several tonnes of metal falling square on its vulnerable middle roof. Its optional sunroof didn’t even shatter. So our BMW 135i has proven it’s as strong as houses – by having one land on top of it.

Had passengers been in the car at the time, only the rear-passenger side occupant would have one hell of a headache. The four other cars under the rubble didn’t fare so well, though they were older models and had borne more of the impact.”

Amazingly, the attending tow truck driver was not only able to start the car, but also drive it on to the flatbed to take the car away!

Trivia buffs will have noticed this was also the same car used in Top Gear Australia‘s test which went to air on SBS last night.

Source: Wheelsmag (Thanks to Micky for the link.)


BMW’s Head of Design talks about 1 Series Coupe

Adrian Van Hooydonk, BMW’s Head of Design, talks us through the design of the 1 Series Coupé. The clip runs for 3 minutes, 44 seconds.


BMW Drive Thru Reviews

Drive Thru: BMW 135i Coupé

BMW 135i

After attending the launch of BMW’s 1 Series Coupé, I was keen for a closer look at the 135i. Initially I thought the 1 Series Coupé was a bit of a design faux pas, however, the more I see it, the more cohesive its design appears to be. The 1 is certainly a car that looks better in the flesh than in photos. Even the Sedona Red colour, used in most of the promotional material, looks better than photos would suggest. As with most current BMW’s the visual language is unmistakable and on the 1 Series Coupé it is from the dramatic shoulder line the rest of the car’s visual cues hang. Its stubby tail gives the car a squat aggressive look that sums up the its raison d’etre perfectly. Most importantly for BMW, in a segment that is all about traditional swoopy coupés, like the 350Z, Audi’s gorgeously updated TT, or even BMW’s own Z4, the 1 Series Coupé provides a unique and fresh solution.

Accessories & Tech BMW

BMW Performance range

BMW Performance range

I recently heard about the BMW Performance range, a collection of official aftermarket bits and pieces that can be retro fitted to sir’s 135i. Given a few of the photos below are taken with parts fitted to an M3, it seems as though it shouldn’t be too long before BMW offers the parts across their range. In the meantime, more pics and the official BMW press release are included below. It’s a bit boy racer, but the steering wheel with shift indicator and small display for lap times seems pretty nifty.


BMW 1 Series Coupé and Convertible launch

BMW 1 Series launch

Earlier tonight I enjoyed the hospitality of Rolfe Classic BMW in Canberra at the launch of the new additions to BMW’s 1 Series range – the Coupé and Convertible. There has been plenty of hype about these cars on the net and I was keen to get a closer look for myself. The drinks were good, the music was good and the mingling was good. Most importantly, though, the cars were good. Rolfe had a 120i Convertible and a 135i Coupé on show and it was the 135i that I was most intent on seeing.

The 135i has the award winning twin turbo inline 6-cylinder that produces a very tidy 225kW (306hp in the old money) along with a nice round 400Nm of torque. That’s some serious mojo for a car weighing in at 1485kg. Sure, that’s no lightweight compared to BMW’s iconic 2002 Coupé of yesteryear. But, by today’s standards, and for its class, that’ll do very nicely thanks. Pricing for the 135i starts at $71,400 plus on-roads. For the average punter that may seem a lot, but compared to the 135i’s competition it is very well priced.