BMW prototype Z2 spied in California

BMW Z2 spied

Around this time last year rumours were growing of a BMW Z2 based on the next generation 1 Series. This spy shot, captured in Laguna Beach, California, appears to confirm those rumours were on the money.

Note the soft top roof, which would be used, partly, to keep weight down. Surprisingly, in this day and age of electronic gadgets, there’s a chance the roof could be manually operated, too. Reports of the Z2 weighing in under 1000kg are about, and that would be a major feat if BMW could pull it off.

Speculation remains uncertain about the timing for production. Earlier reports have suggested the Z2 could be ready to roll as soon as next year, but the latest word indicates we might be waiting until 2013 before a Z2 rolls off a production line. Although, World Car Fans reckon we could see a concept car at the Paris Motor Show in October this year.

Expect the latest range of BMW four cylinder engines to find their way into most Z2s. It’s likely the range will include electric, hybrid and diesel versions, as well. The powerplant from 150kW MINI E could make a nice fit, for example.

There’s been a few renderings and illustrations around for a while now, but the example shown below is one of the more attractive to surface. Let’s hope we don’t have too long to wait for some official word out of Munich.

[Source: World Car Fans | Spy pic: | Rendering: World Car Fans]


BMW Z2 scheduled for 2011?

BMW Z2 - Auto Motor und Sport

German publication Auto Motor und Sport reckons BMW are on track to reveal a baby Z2 roadster by 2011. If this rendering, prepared by Mark Stehrenberger, is anything to go by it will be as stunning to look at as it will be to drive, no doubt.

Best guesses would indicate a mostly four cylinder engine line up, with the possibility of some type of hybrid engine in the range, as well. Although, if you’re anything like me, you’re already thinking how good it would be to have the 225kW twin turbo inline six cylinder from the 135i wrapped inside this gorgeous shell.

Here’s hoping this rumour grows in momentum and we see something concrete on the Z2 in 2010.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport via autoblog