Another RS5 review

Audi RS5

[First filed 19 April]

Car and Driver were in attendance at the recent Audi RS5 launch in Spain. Obviously this meant they got some time behind the wheel of Audi’s new super coupé with the freedom offered by the wonderful Ascari race resort.

Here’s a snippet from their generally very positive article:

“The handling is definitely what one would call forgiving, and at the limit, you appreciate the improvement from the more nose-heavy Audis of yore. We won’t say whether the RS5 will trump the benchmark BMW M3 just yet, but we think it’s going to be one hell of a fight”

You can read the rest of Car and Driver’s piece by following the link below. The RS5 has a lot to live up to, especially if, as I fear, there is no new RS4 in the works. So, can Audi’s latest RS model keep up the promising feedback, or will it ultimately get close to its rivals and fall short?

[Source: Car and Driver]

UPDATE 22 April: Winding Road have filed their report from Spain now. They reckon the RS5 is the duck’s guts, declaring, “This is easily the best Audi RennSport-level experience we’ve yet had.” That’s some compliment. They also say the RS5 should take it right up to its Mercedes and BMW rivals.


Five RS5 videos

Audi RS5

Following written reports of the Audi RS5 from Autocar and Car and Driver come these five videos filmed by motoring hacks at the RS5 press launch, held at the Ascari Race Resort in Spain. There’s a mix of aggressive and timid on track action, as well as some footage filmed on the fun looking winding roads near the Ascari track.

As far as the handling and performance of the RS5 goes not a lot is given away in the clips that follow, suffice to say the car does seem quite well balanced, its 4.2 litre V8 sounds pretty nice and the 7-speed S tronic does seem willing to bounce of the rev limiter, rather than forcing the driver to endure an unwanted upshift.

If nothing else you get a pretty good idea of the elevation changes on the track layout used for the launch. You also get to see some not so special overtaking moves on a public road.

UPDATE 21 April: Better make that SIX videos—a new clip filmed on public roads has been added below.


Autocar drives the Audi RS5

Audi RS5

Autocar is one of the first publications to get their hands on Audi’s new RS5. With a revised 4.2 litre V8 sourced from Ingolstadt’s famed RS4 and a svelte coupé body can the RS5 match the rave reviews of its sedan and wagon siblings? Here’s a grab of what reviewer Jamie Corstorphine had to say:

“Is the RS5 a car you would drive with no destination in mind? Like almost every other Audi, it feels like a piece of heavy machinery, one with deep reserves of engineering capability, but it is also one of the rare Audis that also has a fluidity and delicacy to it. I’d stop short of saying it would be a car I would choose to take on a track day, but for a non-stop return trip from London to the top of Scotland, there are few cars I would be happier to be in.”

Follow the link below for the full review.

[Source: Autocar]


Audi UK confirms RS5 pricing & specs

Audi RS5

Audi UK have just released details confirming their local specs for the RS5 featuring a 450PS 4.2 FSI V8 which will go on sale there in October. It’s all as expected and pricing starts at £57,480 OTR (approx AU$96,000). Expect Australians to be paying significantly more than that. Sigh.

You can read the press release below.


OFFICIAL: Audi RS5 confirmed for Geneva Motor Show

2010 Audi RS5

Just through from Audi now is official confirmation that the RS5 will debut at Geneva as expected. Following the leaked images of the RS5 over the weekend Audi has also confirmed the car’s basic specs, which are pretty much as reported last week.

Powered by a naturally aspirated high rev 4.2-litre V8 FSI, the RS5 will have peak power of 331kW (450PS) at 8250rpm, with maximum torque of 430Nm available from 4000-6000rpm. Coupled with a specially reinforced 7-speed S tronic transmission the RS5 is able to accelerate to 100km/h in 4.6 seconds. Not bad for a car tipping the scales at more than 1725kg. This is the first of Audi’s RS models to be fitted with the double clutch technology and, at this stage, there is no word on a manual gearbox option.

The engine is derived from the acclaimed B7 RS4 model, but advancements to the engine management, intake and exhaust have enabled Audi engineers to find more power and torque, while at the same time improving overall efficiency. Highlighted by the claimed average fuel consumption of just 10.8l/100km. That’s impressive.

Also getting a once over is the car’s quattro all-wheel drive system. Now fitted with a self-locking crown-gear differential, up to 70% of available torque can be sent to the front wheels, or up to 85% to the rear. In normal conditions the torque is split 40:60, front to rear.

Riding on either 19″ or optional 20″ alloy wheels the RS5 is fitted with 265/35 tyres as standard. To ensure the RS5 can stop effectively 365mm vented discs can be found up front, with the option of 380mm ceramic carbon discs, as well.

After driving the V8 powered S5 last year, I was left feeling like the car was more lazy cruiser than ball tearing coupe. The added power of the RS5 is one thing, but have Audi been able to give the overall driving experience a bit of a nudge as well? Something a car like this both demands and deserves. I’ve heard one unsubstantiated rumour about the RS5’s exploits around the Nürburgring Nordschleife (sub 8 minutes), and if that proves correct it would seem Audi have got it right. For reference, the E92 BMW M3’s best unofficial time stands at 8:05 as tested by Horst von Saurma from German publication Sport Auto.

Other points of interest include an ESP system that can be completely disabled if required. A rear wing, usually hidden in the boot lid, will raise automatically at speeds over 120km/h, it will retract again once speed is below 80km/h. The underbody of the RS5 has been designed to aid downforce, while also providing optimum cooling benefits to the brakes and S tronic gearbox.

Usual Audi RS styling tweaks, such as flared wheel guards and twin oval exhaust tips are also seen on the RS5, as most readers will already be aware.

The RS5 will go on sale in Europe in a few weeks, with a starting price of around €77,700 (AU$117,500). Sadly, you can bet the RS5 will cost a lot more than that when it makes it to Australian shores before the end of 2010.

The full press release from Audi can be read below and six more new pics are also available in 2000px super image sizing.