Five-door MINI Cooper S spied

F55 MINI Cooper S

This F55 five-door MINI Cooper S prototype was spotted in Germany recently and gives us the first look at the size of the rear doors. While the F55 will have a slightly lengthened body compared with the F56 the rear doors do seem quite small.

The angle of the photo above may not be the best representation for the rear opening and you can follow the source link below for more pics.

We’re expecting the F55 to be launched later this year, perhaps at the Paris Motor Show in September.

[Source: Gmotors]

BMW Motor Shows

What to expect from BMW in 2014

BMW M3 and M4 on display in Detroit

As well as the launch of the highly anticipated M3 and M4 in Detroit this week, BMW has much more in store during 2014. Make sure you follow the source link from BimmerFile for more detail:

2014 North American International Auto Show (January)

  • M3 (F80) and M4 (F82)
  • M235i (F22)
  • 228i (F22)

2014 Geneva Motor Show (March)

  • 4 Series Gran Coupe (F36)
  • FWD Active Tourer (F45)
  • MINI Four-door concept (F55)

2014 New York Auto Show (April)

  • X4 (F26)
  • X3 LCI

2014 Moscow Motor Show (August)

  • X6 (F16)

2014 Paris Motor Show (September)

  • X5 M (F85) and X6 M (F86)
  • 2 Series Convertible (F23)
  • MINI Four-door (F55)

[Source: BimmerFile | Pic: Bimmerpost]


Like it or not the four-door MINI is coming

MINI F55 prototype spy shot

Whether out of the chase for higher profits or more simply as a means to remain viable the four-door MINI is coming. No, this is not the oft-complained about, and therefore underrated, Countryman, but a regular four-door based on the new F56 two-door hardtop.

This F55 four-door development mule without camouflage has been spied for the first time by a poster from the Dutch New MINI Club forum. There’s two pics in all showing the new layout and we’ve also included an older shot below from MotoringFile showing the F55 prototype being prepared for evaluation.

It’s expected the F55, which will be around 50mm longer than the F56, will debut  later this year. And after initially being a bit reluctant to accept this model we can see where BMW is going with this approach. After all, we don’t even give a second thought to a Volkswagen Polo with two or four doors, and MINI has every right to compete in that space.

[Source: MotoringFile]


Next-generation MINI product schedule

2014 MINI Cooper S

The all-new F56 MINI will debut in less than two weeks. We already know the F56, built on BMW’s UKL1 platform, could spawn as many as 10 different product lines. Thanks to MotoringFile here’s a look at what we can expect from MINI’s new era and when we’re likely to see it:

F56 MINI (third-generation hardtop)
Debut: 18 November 2013 // European sales launch: January 2014

F55 MINI five-door (rival to Volkswagen Polo and Golf)
Debut: 3rd quarter 2014 // European sales launch: 3rd quarter 2014

F57 MINI Convertible (underpinned by current R56 convertible)
Debut: 1st quarter 2015 // European sales launch: 2nd quarter 2015

F54 MINI Clubman (likely to have two suicide doors)
Debut: 3rd quarter 2015 // European sales launch: 3rd quarter 2015

F59 MINI Roadster/Coupe (may be combined as single model)
Debut: Late 2016/early 2017 // European sales launch: Early 2017

As a general rule MINI launches products in Australia 3–6 months after they have gone on sale in Europe.

[Source: MotoringFile | Pic: Autocar]


The four-door MINI out scaring the children

MINI Traveller prototype

If only this was a photo of a MINI in a Halloween costume. Alas it is a genuine four-door MINI hardtop, codenamed F55 and possibly called the Traveller. It’s based on the third-gen F56 platform and is scheduled for release shortly after the next-gen two-door MINI.

The F55 has shorter front doors to make room for the conventionally opening rear doors. The wheelbase is a tad longer and it is, in our opinion, another example of BMW watering down the MINI brand.

Others may argue that it’s a bona fide attempt to overcome criticisms the MINI is too small and that this four-door model will appeal to a broader market (read ignorant US buyers). Firstly, isn’t that the same argument used in support of the Countryman. Secondly, isn’t part of the appeal of the MINI that it deliberately doesn’t suit all buyers?

Anyway with up to 10 separate models to carry a MINI badge in future we suppose we’ll just have to get used to the ongoing mainstreaming of MINI.

[Source: MotoringFile | Pic: Gmotors]