BMW Lexus Video

VIDEO: BMW M235i v Lexus IS-F drag race

BMW M235i v Lexus IS F

This video is like popcorn. It’s crap and you know it’s crap. You hate yourself for enjoying it, but you just can’t help yourself.

So, then, a six-cylinder turbo down on power up against a free revving normally aspirated V8 with a significant horsepower advantage. A straight line, of course, they’re in the US after all, who’s going to win? The BMW does have the benefit of lighter weight.

After you’ve watched the unedited video below, if you really want to assault your ears, and maybe your intelligence too, watch this.

Top Gear

Top Gear – Series 12, Episode 5

Top Gear - Series 12, Episode 5

Brutal mingers, Milli Vanilli exhaust tips and RM Williams boots. These were just some of the things featured on this week’s episode.

Jeremy opened the show by pitting the BMW M3 Sedan against the Lexus IS-F (with Milli Vanilli exhaust tips). The upshot? Lexus done good, but not as good as BMW.

The Porsche Panamera (the brutal minger) copped a bit of a ribbing during the news segment, while Richard (in his RM Williams boots) and Jeremy gave the Cool Wall some new life.

There was a bus race to test which would be the best buses for London’s public transport. I have to say, watching a double decker bus corner on two-wheels was almost as cool as seeing a bendy bus powerslide.

Kevin McCloud, from Grand Designs, was the guest. Described as an “eco-mentalist”, he has a dark secret and some raw driving talent. Nice work!

The feature clip closed out the show and saw Richard driving a 1968 Ferrari Daytona from Portofino, Italy to St Triopez, France. James tagged along in a fancy boat.

Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear – Season 14, Episode 5

The shootout saw Jason Plato in a Lexus IS-F with Tiff Needell in a BMW M3 saloon. The Bimmer was quicker round the track. Just. But no surprise that the Toyota felt softer and more distant. Tom pitted the new Subaru Forester against a Land Rover Freelander II. He reckoned the Forester was tinny and under powered. He wasn’t much of a fan of the auto transmission either. A weclome addition to the cast this week was the Nissan GT-R and the Porsche 911 Turbo. Oh yeah, and Bruno Senna. Fittingly, he was fanging the cars around a wet track in conditions that his uncle would have loved (see clip above). I say, flick Tiff and replace him with Bruno.

Vicki filed a report from a tribute to Colin McRae which saw 1086 Impreza WRXs spell out his name. She also got a fang in McRae’s 1996 WRC winning car. Very tidy indeed! Tom had a go in the Dodge Challenger SRT8. I have to say it looks pretty damn good—for an American coupé. Vicki got the keys to a Vauxhall Astra VXR Nürburgring and a Ford Focus ST (XR5 to us Aussies). Geez, they cram a lot into these episodes. Plato finished the show with John Prescott in a racing Jaguar XK-R. The first three episodes of this series were a bit testing at times, but the last couplf have been much better.

Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear – Series 13, Episode 7

Fifth Gear 13x07The seventh episode of Fifth Gear‘s thirteenth series aired in the UK recently. Crumbs, this latest installment really was scraping the bottom of the barrel. As usual, Vicki kicked off the episode by punting a couple of cars around Anglesea, this week’s thrashings were the Vauxhall Corsa SRi and Ford Fiesta ST. Is it ever bloody dry at that track?! And they really need to ditch that damn it’s new but is it any good segment, or at least, spunk it up a bit with some moderately interesting cars.