VIDEO: Prost v Senna MkII

Fifth Gear—yes, that’s still going—has come up with a 21st century Prost v Senna battle by getting Nico Prost and Bruno Senna to race each other in a hot hatch track test. It’s son of Alain in the Renault Megane RS275 Trophy R and nephew of Ayrton in the Audi S3. The track is Snetteron […]

VIDEO: Golf R v A45 AMG v S3

Now that the new Golf R has been launched in Australia it’s timely to check out this video from Dutch car mag Auto Week. Up against the Volkswagen are the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG and VW stablemate the Audi S3. Remember, all three cars are all-wheel drive and all three use a Haldex-based system. When watching […]

2014 Audi S3 Sportback – Australian pricing & specs

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We’ve known for several months that Audi Australia will be pricing the new S3 Sportback from $59,900. That’s a huge price drop compared with the outgoing 8P model which was over $70K list in its final form, with much less equipment than the new model too. And now the all-new S3 Sportback is here, in […]

VIDEO: Audi S3 and Sport Quattro eat some dust

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Audi has dusted off former rally aces Hermann Müller and the real Stig—Stig Blomqvist—and given them a new Audi S3 and an old Ur-Quattro to play with. The result is predictable and presented in a manner which lacks the inspiration and passion the subject matter warrants. But it’s still nice to see a Quattro in […]

OFFICIAL: Audi S3 Sportback priced from $59,900

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As we predicted a bit over a week ago the all-new Audi S3 Sportback will be priced from $59,900 when it goes on sale in Australia this December. That’s more than $11,000 cheaper than the list price of the model it replaces. Audi’s hand has been forced somewhat by the introduction of more powerful competition […]

Would you buy a new S3 if it was under $60K?

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The new 8V Audi S3 Sportback is not too far away from finding its way to Australia. Officially, Audi has told us to expect a mid-60s starting price, but we’ve now heard from two different sources that the manufacturer’s list pricing for the S3 will be under $60,000 (either $59,900 or $59,990). With stiff competition […]

Audi cedes power to BMW and Mercedes

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Audi S3: 206kW/380Nm BMW M135i: 235kW/450Nm Mercedes A45 AMG: 265kW/450Nm Hang on a minute, doesn’t the new S3 have 221kW? Well, yes it does, but as with the outgoing 8P model, not all of its kilowatts are deemed suitable for Australia’s “hot” climate. So, when the 8V S3 Sportback arrives in Australia in December it […]

Does the new Audi S3 cut the mustard?

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The three-door version of the new Audi S3 has just been released in Europe. And while it is a little lighter and quicker than the S3 Sportback we’ll be seeing in Australia it’s still worth taking in the first impressions from those who attended the launch: Autocar (Greg Kable): The Audi S3 is a very […]

Audi S3 Sportback to be priced from mid-60s

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It’s not all that long ago that the Audi S3 had the upper-end of the hot hatch market pretty much all to itself. But with the recent or impending arrivals of hyper hatchery from BMW and Mercedes-Benz the four-ringed posse has quite a fight on its hands to earn your custom. With only 221kW and […]

2013 Audi S3 Sportback revealed

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In case you haven’t noticed the Geneva Motor Show is just around the corner; the bright lights and smoke machines will be switched on in early March. That means manufacturers are releasing pics and text on the models they’ll be putting on the stage. This time it’s Audi showing us their new S3 Sportback. We’ve […]

2013 Audi S3 revealed

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Here’s something for Volkswagen Group fans, the all-new Audi S3. This car will set the tone for a few other models to follow, most notably the next Golf R. Now featuring an EA888-based engine the latest S3 is good for 221kW, up from 195kW (or 188kW in Australian-spec). Torque has been increased by 30Nm to […]

2009 Audi S3 image gallery

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Hope you enjoy this selection of images of the 2009 Audi S3 range, including images of the familiar 3-door Coupé and the newly introduced 5-door Sportback. Also included at the end of the gallery is Audi’s press release from the Paris Motor Show and technical drawing of both models. Click on an image to load […]