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BMW M4: M Performance exhaust preview

As good as BMW is at extracting performance from the engines it makes it is better at extracting money from its customers. So when you make yourself a new hero car, aka the F82 M4, it doesn’t make economic sense to put the best exhaust you have in your parts bin on the car at […]

VIDEO: Audi TT virtual cockpit

Audi UK brings us inside the new TT with a brief video giving us a working look at its new virtual cockpit. You and I would call it a fancy dash display. More specifically it’s a 12.3 inch high-resolution TFT display which can be reconfigured in more ways than we can probably count. One of […]

Life imitates art with Jaguar Virtual Windscreen

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed its Virtual Windcsreen concept which it says can help reduce driver distraction. The Jaguar Virtual Windscreen can also be used to aid performance driving on a racetrack, too, as the image above shows. By using on screen graphics—yes, that’s right on the windscreen—the system shows you the optimum racing line, […]

Everything is awesome!

A classic Mini Cooper made from Lego. Isn’t this just the coolest thing you’ve ever seen! And wait until you cop a load of some of the finer details, as presented in the video below. Of course, you can buy it for yourself from 1 August and it’ll cost you AU$149.99—we think that’s a pretty […]

Automatic for the people

“And everybody is aware of the fact that reduction is the ultimate maximum.” So says the delightfully saucy voiceover lady in this video extolling the virtues of the 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. It’s a wonderful amalgam of corporatespeak and geeky technical illustrations that will hold your attention from start to finish. The 8-speed ZF ‘box […]

BMW shows off self-drifting skills

“Look mum, no hands!” BMW showed off some pretty cool things at CES in Las Vegas last week, but we don’t think anything was cooler than the M235i and 6 Series Gran Coupé which both featured what BMW calls ActiveAssist, or “highly automated driving”, part of its ConnectedDrive system. You and I would call it […]

Long live the manual gearbox!

It’s a fact of the modern automotive world that the manual gearbox is fast becoming the poor cousin of the double-clutch transmission. Lamborghini has put a cross through the manual box and worse, the purist’s supercar—the Porsche 911 GT3—is available exclusively with PDK. The same is happening at the cheaper end of the market, too. […]

Win Bathurst 1000 from the comfort of your lounge

The inclusion of Mount Panorama, Bathurst, as an official Gran Turismo track is only a few weeks away. The release of Gran Turismo 6 is scheduled for 6 December and if this preview is anything to go by the gamers among you are going to be happy. And if you don’t want to wait until […]

MINI reveals F56 driver assist technology

Ahead of its mid-November launch MINI has released information on the driver assistance technology to be found inside the all-new F56 model. In doing so we get a small preview of the car’s interior, at least the central screen in which much of the technology is viewed or accessed. For the first time MINI will […]

Michelin rides the Porsche 918 gravy train

When you’re a part of history you want the world to know all about it. Sometimes when you’re bragging about your special talents that can be tiresome. But other times, even though the viewer knows they’re being sold a product, the content of the message excuses the otherwise cynical intent. This video is one such […]

Audi releases A3 augmented reality user manual

Audi has announced the release of an augmented reality smartphone app for its new 8V A3 which can be used to replace the traditional user manual. It looks pretty cool, simply point your phone to a feature you want explained and before you know it the app provides you with the info. There’s a brief […]

This is one angry sounding 911

It’s rare that we highlight aftermarket goodies here on AUSmotive, not because we don’t love a bit of post-factory indulgence, mainly because there’s just so much out there we simply don’t have the time to keep up to date. However, this video we could not let slip. The car is a Porsche 991 911 Cabriolet […]

If you had to drive a Prius you’d be hacked off too

This story is more than a little disturbing. You think of big multi-national banks getting hacked. You think of your computer picking up a dodgy virus. But how many of us have ever thought about our cars being hacked? Andy Greenberg from Forbes recently met up with a couple of geeks to show us what […]