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VIDEO: BMW M4 v Porsche 911 Carrera

Evo magazine has taken to the picturesque Anglesey Circuit with a brand new BMW M4 and pitched it against a Porsche 911 Carrera. The M4 (née M3) v 911 debate is one that’s been around for years now. Two cars that compete against each other in the minds of revheads even though they don’t really […]

Epic drifting master class in the BMW M235i

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Ever wanted to know how to drift a rear-wheel drive car? Take one Chris Harris, one BMW 235i, one heavy right foot and a video camera then watch and learn. Once you’ve got all that under control you can then form an Epic Driftmob with your mates, close the streets of Cape Town in South […]

Onboard through Eau Rouge, woo hoo!

Alexander Sims spent last weekend helping the Ecurie Ecosse BMW Z4 GT3 finish second in class at the 24 Hours of Spa. We were lucky enough to join him onboard during the race for a one question interview. We asked: “So Alexander, what’s it like to fly through Eau Rouge in a world class GT3 […]

Restyled BMW 1 Series on sale early next year

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Restyled front noses seem to be a thing right now with new sightings of the facelifted BMW 1 Series out on German roads. The ugly eyes of the M135i are perhaps its greatest weakness and it’s expected BMW will pretty much lift the more attractive 2 Series front-end and replicate it on the 1er. It’s […]

You can be my wingman any time

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Word has come our way confirming the first batch of Australian-delivered BMW M3s and M4s have just arrived by boat. If you’re one of those lucky few with your name on one of those cars we hope the wait until delivery day is not too painful. We also hope your car’s journey was a little […]

BMW i8 tackles Goodwood FoS hillclimb

Now that the BMW i8 is on sale in Australia this video from the car’s first “dynamic” UK appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed takes on new meaning. So what is this three-cylinder jobbie with electric sparkles really like? Watch this video to find out. It won’t give you a definitive answer, but it’s […]

BMW i8 touring Australia

A couple of weeks ago BMW Australia announced pricing for the very cool looking and very green i8 hybrid sportscar. It’s three hundred grand if you’re wondering. To promote the Australian sales launch the BMWi “supercar” is touring across the six dealerships in six states who have been nominated as official selling dealers. Luckily for […]

BMW M2 spied making friends with the M3

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The latest batch of BMW M2 spy pics have hit the interwebs and as you can see they brought a new M3 along for the ride. Despite the use of BMW’s noted camouflage vinyl it’s expected the M2 will get a more aggressive body kit than what we are seeing here, which is basically M235i […]

Watch the BMW M2 in action

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BMW has been testing the new M2 for a while now. But this is one of the first times it’s been caught on video. Alas, the sound coming from the exhaust is not as fruity as one might like. Although, it doesn’t seem like the 3.0 litre straight six turbo in the test mule was […]

Would you like to see a four-cylinder M3?

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At the recent press launch of the new M3/M4 it emerged that the next-generation models could be powered by a four-cylinder engine. The original E30 M3 was fitted with a 2.3 litre four-pot, of course, filled with as much character as it was power, so this wouldn’t be anything new. But since then we’ve seen […]

Official BMW Australia M3/M4 pricing

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In line with our exclusive information from mid-April BMW has finally released official pricing and specs for the new M3 and M4. You can read the press release after the break. Before you do, a reminder on the manufacturer’s list pricing: BMW M3 Sedan: $156,900 BMW M4 Coupé: $166,900

BMW M2 prototype spied for first time

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See, we told you BMW would make an M2 and here is the proof. The first bona fide M product on the 2 Series platform is expected to commence production in the second half of 2015 for a market launch in 2016 or possibly even late 2015. BMW will raid the M parts bin to […]

VIDEO: How fast is the new BMW M3?

One of the first F80 M3s delivered in the world has ended up with a frequent buyer in Dubai. He’s had his car for a couple of weeks now and he’s been updating the world via the Bimmerpost forum. This video showing off the car’s lightning quick launch control feature took our fancy. After you’ve […]

“This is a mighty, mighty achievement this car”

With LaFerrari reviews hitting the internet on the same day as this BMW i8 review Chris Harris himself described it as, “Like selling ice-cream in the Antarctic.” However, this video is Harris in some of his best form. And there’s not one single power slide! He did try, he says. What makes this review so […]

BMW facing its own recall dramas

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Maybe recalls are the new black. Volkswagen, Porsche, Toyota; everyone it seems is getting in on the act! And now it’s BMW’s turn to put a screw loose. Quite literally, as it happens, in the case of BMW’s well utilised 3.0 litre straight six engine. According to Scott Croaker from BMW Australia a potential loss […]