McLaren P1 breaks Nürburgring record. Honest!

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McLaren P1

Remember last month when we reported a rumour the McLaren P1 had lapped the Nürburgring in 6 minutes 47 seconds? Well, it’s true. We promise. And here’s the video and press statement from McLaren to prove it:


Ahh, you can’t see it either? Well that’s because after two highly visible appearances at the Ring with the P1 hypercar in full view of spy photographers and McLaren’s own film crew on site they’re giving us… nothing.

Evo magazine thought they were getting the scoop. Editor Nick Trott was invited along to the Nürburgring during McLaren’s last visit and was hoping to emblazon the cover of his latest issue with a beautiful set of numbers, sure to boost sales and egos alike. But that didn’t happen.

Now, of all times, McLaren has stepped on its high horse and is preaching that chasing new records at the Ring is dangerous. In his editorial for Evo, Nick Trott explains:

When we began negotiations with McLaren about joining the P1 test team at the Ring, it was expected that the ultimate lap time would be achieved and revealed in time for this issue. At the last minute, I got a text from McLaren that read: ‘I have a conclusion on the Ring question. And not sure if you’re going to like it.’ A few minutes later, I was on the phone to Woking.

During the conversation that followed, it was explained that (spoiler alert!) the P1’s lap time would never be revealed and that the official line was that McLaren ‘had achieved its objective of a sub-seven minute lap of the Nordschleife’. My first feeling was disappointment because I’m sure many of you will be expecting the time, and we can’t give it, but my second feeling was relief. Here’s why…

I couldn’t give a monkey’s about the cult of the Nordschleife lap time. Never have. The chase for a notable lap time has become a form of motorsport in itself, but a motorsport without a governing body, without appropriate safety measures, without independent adjudicators, and a motorsport that is governed by the ‘competitors’ themselves. The result is a pissing contest, a trivialising of the Ring’s history and a chase for lap times that puts lives at risk.

And for what? A marketing message? Well, this week you’re able to find out what two prominent supercar customers think of the ‘allure’ of the Nürburgring lap time and the (lack of) effect it has when signing a cheque for the best part of £1million.

Aww, isn’t that cute, McLaren’s gone all shy, despite all those alluring smiles and incessant teasing it turns out they don’t want really want to measure up and get their dick out with Porsche after all.

So, after Ron Dennis’ bold claim in Geneva this year that the P1 would break the 7-minute barrier around the Nordschleife and take all records with it, the only evidence we have are a few hollow words. Not bold, confident actions, just a few meek words. Even Porsche, who rarely posts videos to support its claimed lap times, felt we deserved to see the 918 tackle the Ring from go to woah.

Yep, we’re disappointed in McLaren too.

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