Jim Richards talks about his new Cayman S

Jim Richards is an eight-time Targa Tasmania winner. Each of those wins has been at the wheel of a Porsche 911 of some description. This year, though, Jimmy drove a mid-engined Cayman S with PDK. So what was it like? Watch this video to find out…

Details about the new Porsche flat-four

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The new flat-four cylinder engine from Porsche will underpin a variety of models and will come in three different engine capacities, Car magazine reports. All will feature direct injection and have turbochargers to achieve the peak power Porsche demands. Kicking off the flat-four family will be a 1.6 litre engine producing 210hp (155kW), followed by […]

The next 911-beater is actually a Porsche!

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Whenever a new sports car is made manufacturers usually pitch it as the next big thing to knock the 911 off its perch. Well, it looks like even Porsche is getting in on that act now with this Cayman prototype spotted lurking menacingly in Germany. Expected to carry the GT4 nameplate this Cayman should take […]

Your first taste of the new Porsche flat-four turbo?

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Rumours suggest the new turbocharged flat-four engine, which will power the next-gen Porsche Boxster and Cayman, will boast close to 300kW. At a recent Nürburgring industry pool test day Porsche was running a 991 911 that doesn’t sound at all like a six cylinder 911 should. With 300kW on tap it’s not out of the […]

Porsche flat-four to nudge 300kW

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Matthias Müller, the bloke running Porsche, says the company will downsize to four cylinder engines for the next-gen Boxster and Cayman. This we pretty much knew already, but Mr Müller has given us some tasty morsels about what the new four-pots engines will be capable of. “We will continue with the downsizing strategy and develop […]

Porsche Cayman GTS & Boxster GTS revealed

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If you’d like your Cayman S, or your Boxster S for that matter, to have a little bit more power and to be a little bit sharper then you’re in luck because Porsche has just announced GTS versions for both models. Powered by the familiar 3.4 litre flat six from the S models the GTS […]

VIDEO: Alfa Romeo 4C v Porsche Cayman S

For his weekly visit to YouTube Chris Harris drops in with a sports coupé comparison that everyone will enjoy. It’s the swooping drama and promise of the Alfa Romeo 4C up against the model all sportscars in this class aim to beat, the Porsche Cayman S. So confident was Harris of the Porsche’s status he […]

VIDEO: Alfa Romeo 4C v rivals

Not content with thrashing about in the McLaren P1, Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar kept in touch with the common man by thrashing about in an Alfa Romeo 4C on the track with two of its natural rivals, the Porsche Cayman and Toyota 86. It turns out you may not have your pre-conceived ideas altered, but […]

VIDEO: Make your own Porsche Cayman

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Do you have a 3D printer out the back gathering dust? Don’t know what to do with it? Well, why not make your own Porsche Cayman. Porsche invites you to do this by offering a print-ready file for download. So, what are you waiting for?!

Porsche Macan details leaked and more

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Jalopnik brings word of a series of leaked slides, allegedly from a Porsche dealer function in Atlanta, Georgia. First up is info on the Macan SUV. From that info we get a re-confirmation that the Macan will be revealed at the LA Auto Show in November. But we now know (or think we know) the […]

VIDEO: Experiencing the power of balance

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Porsche UK recently held a day out for a bunch of competition winners to show them how good the new Cayman really is. A day thrashing the Cayman about at Silverstone is something we’d very much like to do!

About that Cayman Turbo, can you wait for 2016?

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Yesterday we were getting interested about the arrival of a 2.5 litre flat four-cylinder powered Cayman Turbo, expected to debut in September this year. Today we’ve been put in our place! “It is no real secret that we are working on a four-cylinder engine,” said an unnamed Porsche official. “But it is still in an […]