MINI Safety Issues

MINI says makeup or drive

MINI makeup or drive TVC

Apparently there’s a real problem in Mexico with women applying makeup while they drive. In response MINI has come up with this public safety announcement.

[Source: MotoringFile]

Formula 1 Red Bull Racing

Mark Webber’s encore performance for Canberra Milk

Mark Webber - Canberra Milk kid

Back in March AUSmotive brought the world up to speed with the Canberra Milk TV commercial that was being broadcast on high rotation into Webber’s home town during the Australian Grand Prix. In that time the clip has registered over 75,000 views on YouTube and countless comments. Also in that time we’ve seen the emergence of the “Leaping Webber”. Well, now Mark is back with a second installment from Canberra Milk. Check it out after the break, it is simply sold gold viewing. Good on you Mark!


The best or nothing

Mercedes-Benz TVC

Mercedes-Benz have sent out this new commercial telling us that its the “best or nothing” for the three-pointed star. Click on the image above to launch the ad. It’s not a bad little piece, what do you think?


The wolf is mightier than the elephant

VW Amarock TVC

We know that Amarok is the Inuit word for wolf. But we didn’t know the wolf is mightier than the elephant. At least, that’s what this latest television commercial from Brazil is trying to convince us.

The Amarok is now on sale in South America, but Australians will have to wait until the end of the year before they can get first hand look at the vehicle Volkswagen hopes can break the Toyota Hilux.

After the jump you can see the elephant commercial. There’s also another Amarok ad that reminds you never to give the keys to a an old Spanish looking geezer.

Audi News

Audi’s 2009 Super Bowl commercial

The 2009 NFL Super Bowl has been run and one and in true American fashion the event is as much about the razzle dazzle as it is about the athletes. Part of the razzle dazzle centres around the hype created by the round of television commercials that premiere during the game.

Here is Audi’s one minute ad called The Chase promoting their supercharged A6. It features Jason Statham behind the wheel (or Handsome Rob for fans of The Italian Job remake). He takes an historic path progressing through recent decades driving other prestige marques before, you guessed it, finally getting away from the baddies in his shiny new Audi A6.

It’s probably not quite up there with Audi’s 2008 Super Bowl commercial which was a parody of the famous horse head scene from The Godfather. That ad, along with a behind the scenes promo for this year’s ad can be seen after the jump.

News Volkswagen

Welcome to the real world

Late last year Volkswagen UK released a new ad (shown above) to promote the upcoming Golf VI. Called The Fight, the ad features a tagline “sometimes the only one you have to beat is yourself”. The tag is supported by a cinematic fight scene, with the lead character fighting against clones of himself inside a Volkswagen factory and is reminiscent of The Matrix and other action films.

As an television commercial it is catchy, well made and makes a clever connection to the Golf sitting at the top of its class. However, in the real world, people are complaining that the ad encourages children to fight. No, this isn’t a joke. According to an article on 115 complaints have been sent in to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA will have to decide if the ad promotes excessive violence that could be copied by children.

In terms of “excessive violence” the ad is pretty tame, and, at worst, you could only imagine the ASA would rule that the ad can only be shown after the UK’s 9pm watershed. By which time little Johnny and Jane have no doubt seen worse “violence” in regular programming in any case. One thing is certain, ad agency DDB London and Volkswagen UK are no doubt loving the extra publicity.

Source: (Thanks to Mav for the tip.)


Volkswagen ‘singing dog’ commercial wins online poll

Volkswagen UK’s ‘Polo confidence’ television commercial has been named ‘Car Ad of the Year’ by Autocar magazine. Also known as the ‘singing dog’ ad, the 30 second piece won a public vote conducted by Autocar online. The ad was created by DDB London and features a Jack Russell miming along to the Spencer Davis Group hit I’m a man. It’s pretty cool.

Source: Volkswagen via Automoto Portal


Toyota try to hang with the cool kids … and FAIL!

Further proof that Toyota as a brand has about as much appeal as a three day old tea-bag can be found by viewing the above YouTube clip. Sure, the blogosphere is talking about the ad, but it’s more a case of “if you can’t say anything nice then…”

Maybe Toyota is aiming for a LOLcat internet phenomenon, either way, this ad does nothing to make the Corolla a desirable brand. If Toyota wants cred, they could do a lot worse than having a chat with Colin Osborne.

(Thanks to Ben for the link.)


MINI John Cooper Works teaser ad – version 2

Following on from MINI’s first teaser for the “Not extreme enough” MINI John Cooper Works campaign is this second effort. Looks like they put a bit of elbow grease into this one.