BMW M235i coming your way today

BMW M235i

A series of leaked images showing a production-spec BMW M235i have been leaked via the 2addicts forum. The car’s full reveal is scheduled to take place this Friday.

Based on the generally awesome, albeit unfortunate looking, M135i the F22 coupé version, we’re sure you’ll agree, looks a whole lot better. We can’t wait to see the official images later this week.

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BMW 2 Series coming your way this week

BMW 2 Series

BMW brings our attention to the official release of the F22 2 Series coupé this Friday with a short teaser video. We expect that will confirm the leaked details of the M235i, and others, we saw a couple of weeks ago.


BMW M235i specs leaked

BMw M235i spied

Bimmerpost brings word of the specifications for the forthcoming F22 BMW 2 Series Coupé, notably the M235i. Also included are specs for the 220i and 220d.

The data came via the BMW South Africa website which means we can take it as being accurate. Here’s the key stats, and after the break you can see screen grabs.

BMW M235i
Power/torque: 240kW @ 5800rpm / 450Nm @ 1300–4500rpm
Engine: 2979cc six cylinder turbo (N55B30O0)
Weight (unladen): 1455kg (manual), 1470kg (auto)
0–100km/h: 5.0s (manual), 4.8s (auto)
0–1000m: 23.8s

BMW 220i
Power/torque: 135kW @ 5000rpm / 270Nm @ 1250–4500rpm
Engine: 1997cc four cylinder turbo (N20B20U0)
Weight (unladen): 1350kg (manual), 1365kg (auto)
0–100km/h: 7.0s
0–1000m: 27.3s (manual), 27.7s (auto)

BMW 220d
Power/torque: 135kW @ 4000rpm / 380Nm @ 1750–2750rpm
Engine: 1995cc four cylinder diesel (N47D20O1)
Weight (unladen): 1375kg (manual), 1390kg (auto)
0–100km/h: 7.2s (manual), 7.1s (auto)
0–1000m: 27.5s (manual), 27.4s (auto)

For those playing at home they’ll been keen to note a small 5kW increase for the M235i compared with the M135i, which brings a very slight performance benefit too, shaving 0.1s off the claimed 0-100km/h times.

[Source: Bimmerpost | Thanks to John for the tip]


BMW M235i gets in some tourist laps

BMW 235i

After the success of the M135i we can’t wait for the much better looking, if less practical, M235i. Here you can see the M235i in action at the Ring. One tip for a release of the 2 Series is the Detroit Auto Show in January.

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BMW presents undisguised M235i as peace offering

BMw M235i spied

To all those who have rushed out and bought a BMW M135i, our hearts go out to you. We’re sorry. To BMW, however, we’re thankful. We think it’s wonderful they have acknowledged their sins and offered this very stylish looking—and you don’t know how relieved we are to say that—M Performance 2 Series for its penance.

This is, we’re told, an undisguised F22 M235i, sure it will cost a bit more than the M135i, but what price does one put on one’s own dignity? If nothing else the pleasingly restyled front end may make its way onto future 1 Series models for those buyers who like some spice with their hatchbacks.

Other giveaways that this is the M235i include the gaping front air intakes, the silver wing mirrors, M brakes and M badge on the side fender.

Bimmerpost has the scoop on the pics, so follow the link below for more.

[Source: Bimmerpost | Thanks to Dmitry for the tip]


BMW M2 being designed for M3 hardware

BMW M2 rendering

Word on the street tells us the new BMW 2 Series, in particular the cooking M2, is being designed so that all the good bits from the next M3 can be used. That’s mainly referring to the F30/F32 suspension, but expect there to be more goodness where that came from.

The 2 Series will be the replacement for the current 1 Series coupé and convertible. The M2 is expected to again source its power from a 3.0 litre straight six cylinder engine. While the current twin-turbo set up could be developed further, there’s speculation BMW is considering a triple-turbo.

Dr Friedrich Nitschke is the new managing director for M GmbH and in an earlier interview with Auto Express he said, “In the 1M Coupe, we have a starter car for the M Division, and we are continuing to develop this project. Such models must be sporty, and offer extraordinarily low fuel consumption. This is something we could achieve with the M2. I think the 1M Coupe proves there is room for an M2, a coupe.”

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BMW to introduce 2 and 4 Series nomenclature

BMW 3 Series

We’ve already brought you up to speed on the likely plans BMW has to call the next 1 Series coupé/convertible the 2 Series; including new M2 badging. Now it seems the 3 Series two-doors are in for the same plus one treatment with word filtering around the internets they will be called the 4 Series.

It’s a move that loosely follows their German rivals, in particular Audi, who have introduced the A5 Coupé and Sportback to complement its volume selling A4 range.

BMW’s marketing gurus will love it, as they will be able to position the new 2 and 4 Series models slightly above their more mundane four-door siblings and, of course, that means they can charge more too.

The new naming regime should begin in 2013 with the 2 Series (replacing the 1 Series coupé) closely followed by the 4 Series (replacing the 3 Series coupé).