VIDEO: Chris Harris has a go in the McLaren P1

Chris Harris is the latest to be given some seat time in the McLaren P1. And we’re very thankful for that, too. The clip goes for over 28 minutes and the serious business of driving fast doesn’t start until the end of the video. At the start, though, Harris and McLaren’s Chris Goodwin discuss some […]

VIDEO: Autocar has a go in the McLaren P1

Here’s the video from Steve Sutcliffe’s review of the McLaren P1 we shared with you last week. We’d like to say it was worth the wait, but we’re afraid to say we were a little disappointed with this video review. Let us know what you think.

Is the McLaren P1 the new Ring-daddy after all?

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If you’ve been following our coverage of the McLaren P1 and its mystery Nürburgring lap time you’ll probably be over it just like we were. And yet, thanks to Steve Sutcliffe’s review of the P1 for Autocar an unofficial ballpark time has emerged and breathed new life into the ongoing speculation. It’s been that way […]

Autocar has a go in the McLaren P1

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Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar has just filed his review of the fearsome McLaren P1. It’s fair to say he was impressed by the experience, albeit with an underwhelming start as these selected paragraphs show: On the road, the first impressions are of a car that feels remarkably like a McLaren 12C. Which is either a […]

McLaren to take rain check on wipers

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Those clever clogs in labcoats at McLaren have been busy developing windscreen that will make traditional wipers obsolete according to a report in The Sunday Times. Apparently the special screen will use high-frequency soundwaves to repel water, bugs and other debris. Expect to see the technology on McLaren’s road cars in 2015, or thereabouts. All […]

There’s at least one McLaren P1 money can buy

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It’s only a few weeks since we reported the McLaren P1 had sold out. With only 375 to be made that may not seem like a tough ask, but at a final buy price of around £1 million that means there’s a lot of spare cash floating around. If you’re lucky enough to have plenty […]

McLaren’s official statement on P1 Nürburgring lap

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Following the video we brought you late last week McLaren has given us their official word about the P1 recording a sub-seven minute Nürburgring lap. Although, there’s still no definitive time given. McLaren says the XP2R P1 prototype was driven from Woking to the Ring before posting its lap time, which works out to be […]

McLaren continues P1 Nürburgring tease

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McLaren has released a teaser video informing us the P1 has broken the 7-minute barrier around the Nordschleife. But they still haven’t put their neck on the line by declaring an exact time. The video itself is very well produced and should we ever get a full lap it looks like it will be one […]

The McLaren P1 really sells out this time

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We don’t mean sells out in the sense that McLaren has loaned out its P1 hypercar to Big Ted for review purposes, or that it’s the subject of a fairy tale Nürburgring lap record, we mean all 375 examples of the 903hp hybrid have been sold. Which just goes to show that McLaren’s marketing team […]

McLaren’s marketing dept must smoke cones

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“Just press a button and KAPOW! At 217mph, it’s the nippiest road car in the world…” The nippiest road car in the world! What is this shit? That’s how Robert Hardman introduced the McLaren P1 to his Daily Mail readers. Yes, we’re asking the same question: WTF is Robert Hardman? And why on earth did […]

McLaren P1 breaks Nürburgring record. Honest!

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Remember last month when we reported a rumour the McLaren P1 had lapped the Nürburgring in 6 minutes 47 seconds? Well, it’s true. We promise. And here’s the video and press statement from McLaren to prove it:   Ahh, you can’t see it either? Well that’s because after two highly visible appearances at the Ring […]

Rumour: McLaren P1 laps Nürburgring in 6:47

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As you know the McLaren P1 has been sighted at the Nürburgring recently. And earlier this week performance figures for the hybrid hypercar were confirmed, with one notable omission: it’s Nordschleife lap time. A new spy video (see below) alleges the P1 has lapped the Nürburgring in 6 minutes 47 seconds. We’re not taking that […]