NSW Police score an Audi RS4 Avant cop car

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The NSW Police Force has just taken delivery of a brand new Audi RS4 Avant. Fitted with a 331kW/430Nm 4.2 litre V8 engine the latest cop car on the streets can hit 100km/h in 4.7 seconds. Despite this it won’t be used as a pursuit vehicle, rather it will fill a “community and youth engagement” […]

Back to the future for next RS4 engine

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Word is the free-revving 4.2 litre V8 in the current Audi RS4 will be replaced by a V6 turbo when the next-gen comes to life. If you’re feeling a sense of deja vu that’s okay; the first RS4 (B5 2000–01) was powered by a 2.7 litre twin turbo V6. Cosworth did the fine tuning for […]

Because Nogaro Blue

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If you’re an Audi fan the colour Nogaro Blue will do exciting things to your nether regions. Not least because it was the hero colour of the fearsome RS2 estate, Audi’s first ever RS model, but also because it’s just a shit hot colour. For some reason Audi stopped offering the colour. Perhaps so they […]

Germany v Australia

Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar brings us a clash of cultures with a great V8 estate debate. It’s the Audi RS4 versus the Vauxhall (nee Holden) VXR8. Germany v Australia. David v Goliath. We love fast wagons here at AUSmotive and, really, who doesn’t love a V8! Which would you choose? [Thanks to John for the […]

2013 Audi RS4 Avant – Australian pricing & specs

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A couple of weeks back Audi Australia launched the B8 RS4 Avant to the local market. It’s priced from $149,400 and for that you get a lovely sounding 4.2 litre V8 pumping out 331kW/430Nm. If you floor your right foot the 7-speed S tronic and quattro all-wheel drive system will get you to 100km/h in […]

The fourth estate

Last week we brought you the early thoughts of the motoring press on the latest version of the Audi RS4. Now it’s the turn of Chris Harris in video form, who has just filed his online review for Drive following the European press launch. Harris starts by going back to the B5 RS4, then the […]

Audi RS4 Avant reviews start flowing in

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The new Audi RS4 Avant has just been launched in the UK, which means we can share with you a few initial thoughts from those who have been lucky enough to drive it. The previous B7 RS4 is one of the most highly acclaimed RS models quattro GmbH has produced. So, how does this all-new […]

2013 Audi RS4 Avant in detail

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Official info on the new 331kW 4.2 litre V8-powered Audi RS4 Avant was released back in February, but with its European launch now underway new material and photos have been released. To ensure you know all there is to know about the RS4 we bring a gallery of 50 new images, including some great cutaway […]

OFFICIAL: 2013 Audi RS4 Avant revealed

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Early this morning images of the new Audi RS4 were leaked, now, a few hours later Audi has released their official word. It’s one of the shortest gaps from leaked to official info we’ve seen and we say “Bravo!” to Audi. As expected, then, the RS4 Avant has nicked all the juicy bits from the […]

Audi RS4 Avant back from the dead?

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At the end of last year we said Audi had no plans for a B8-based RS4. Well, thankfully, this pic, showing what appears to be an RS4 testing at the Nürburgring, indicates that info was incorrect. If those wheels look familiar that’s because you’ve seen them on the RS5 coupé. Essentially, the test mule you […]

Audi says: “No RS4 for you!”

Here’s one story we had hoped we wouldn’t need to tell. Audi has no plans to build an immediate successor to its almighty RS4. AUSmotive heard this information several months ago, too, but we were hoping we were being led down the garden path. Despite earlier rumours to the contrary, it appears we weren’t. Supposedly […]