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VIDEO: MINI Clubman Concept

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Here’s a couple of videos from BMW showcasing the MINI Clubman Concept. They may not the most exciting clips you’ve ever seen, but if you take the time to appreciate them we’re pretty sure you’ll agree the details and overall look of the Clubman Concept are pretty cool. This is MINI in fine form and […]

MINI Clubman Concept revealed

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MINI has released details for this new Clubman Concept prior to its launch at the Geneva Motor Show. Larger than the first-gen model and with four-proper doors, at last, the Clubman starts to make some real sense. How the F54 Clubman will sit alongside the Countryman we’re not too sure—will it be too similar in […]

Five-door MINI Cooper S spied

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This F55 five-door MINI Cooper S prototype was spotted in Germany recently and gives us the first look at the size of the rear doors. While the F55 will have a slightly lengthened body compared with the F56 the rear doors do seem quite small. The angle of the photo above may not be the […]

VIDEO: Episode 4 of Project Binky

Richard and Nik are back with the latest update on Project Binky. Without giving anything away they’ve made made great progress and are in fine form. We like this bit of text from the YouTube description: “It finally dawns on us that it just might be possible to get the 3SGTE engine in the car […]

MINI officially announces VDL Nedcar production

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MINI has announced it will be building the new F56 MINI hatch at the VDL Nedcar plant in Born, the Netherlands. Plant Oxford will remain as the focal point for MINI production, with VDL Nedcar brought on board to provide additional capacity. “Contract production is a vital flexibility tool for us, and our experience gathered […]

The F56 MINI in detail

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The new MINI was revealed in November last year, but it’s just been give its full media launch. Which means you’ve got another chance to pore over details of the all-new F56 range. As is the norm these days the new MINI has grown and it’s now a little bit longer (98mm), a little bit […]

VIDEO: How to build an F56 MINI

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This video will tell you how much of a car nerd you are. It shows some of the processes involved in building a new F56 MINI. The clip runs for 12 minutes and if you really are a car geek you’ll watch it non-stop and enjoy every moment of it, quietly saying to yourself from […]

Like it or not the four-door MINI is coming

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Whether out of the chase for higher profits or more simply as a means to remain viable the four-door MINI is coming. No, this is not the oft-complained about, and therefore underrated, Countryman, but a regular four-door based on the new F56 two-door hardtop. This F55 four-door development mule without camouflage has been spied for […]

VIDEO: Episode 3 of Project Binky

Bad Obsession Motorsport updated us with Episode 3 of Project Binky on Christmas Day. As you know we’ve been enjoying a leisurely festive break as far as regular updates to AUSmotive are concerned, so a few days late here’s your chance to see how things are progressing in this very challenging, but very cool project. […]

MINI John Cooper Works Concept previewed

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MINI brings an early Christmas present for fans of its John Cooper Works range by previewing a new concept model, based on the F56 hatch, which will be on display at the Detroit Auto Show next month. There’s no technical details yet, so we don’t know what benefits the introduction of a 2.0 litre turbo […]

Four generations of MINI side by side

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Along with all of the other F56 material MINI released photos showing all four generations of MINI side by side. Well, that should probably three generations of MINI lined up next to the classic Mini (where the upper case letters indicate BMW’s ownership of the brand). The four models aren’t quite the automotive equivalent of […]