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Audi, Skoda to join Australian DSG recall

The news just keeps getting worse for the Volkswagen Group with word that Audi and Skoda will be joining Volkswagen Australia in the voluntary recall to remedy problems with the 7-speed DSG (DQ200) transmission. Nothing official has yet to emerge from the PR departments of Audi or Skoda but it is understood over 6200 A1 […]

Volkswagen Australia announces voluntary recall

As expected Volkswagen has this morning announced an official recall. The announcement only covers vehicles fitted with a 7-speed DSG transmission (DQ200) built from June 2008 to September 2011. Notices will go out to affected owners from next month. There is no word yet on an official recall for diesel powered models that may be […]

Official recall looms for Volkswagen Australia

News Limited brings word of an expected recall to be announced by Volkswagen following intense media scrutiny over the last couple of weeks. Volkswagen’s direct shift gearbox (DSG) will be the main focus with as many as 25,000 vehicles built between June 2008 and September 2011 expected to be covered by the recall, including Polo, […]

MINI says makeup or drive

Apparently there’s a real problem in Mexico with women applying makeup while they drive. In response MINI has come up with this public safety announcement. [Source: MotoringFile]

Volkswagen Australia now offering free inspections

Volkswagen Australia has made its first genuine attempt to win back the confidence of concerned owners who have been complaining about a number of reliability problems in the wake of heavy media scrutiny regarding the Victorian coronial inquest into the death of Melissa Ryan. It follows an official response to Fairfax Media commentary issued by […]

Fairfax ramps up scrutiny on Volkswagen

The fallout from Fairfax Media’s article last Friday, reporting on cases of Volkswagen’s suddenly losing power, continues to gather momentum. First, Volkswagen issued an official response after the original Fairfax article was flooded with comments from concerned owners. Since then Fairfax has continued to run stories about concerned Volkswagen owners and Volkswagen Australia has reportedly […]

Volkswagen Australia responds to Fairfax Media

In a not unexpected development Volkswagen has issued an official response to yesterday’s Fairfax Media article: Volkswagen Group Australia Response to Fairfax The coronial inquest regarding the death of Ms. Ryan is still ongoing, we will not comment on the investigation, except to say that we are cooperating fully and the assertion by Fairfax that […]

Has your Volkswagen suddenly lost power?

We alert you to a troubling article regarding the Volkswagen Golf published by Fairfax Media. Most of the issues reported on relate to Mk5 Golfs and centre around the 2011 death of 32-year-old Melissa Ryan on Melbourne’s Monash Freeway: A coroner this week investigated the death of Ms Ryan, who was killed when a prime […]

Faster than any other boy has ever gone

If you break the speed limit you are the devil’s spawn. It’s true. You’ve seen the shocking road safety ads on TV, what other conclusion can one come to? Regardless of which side of the needle you sit, it’s hard to deny that Australia’s state and territory governments have a fixation with speed cameras. It’s […]

Over 1500 Mazda6 models affected by recall

Mazda Australia says 1531 Australian delivered new Mazda6 models are affected by a recall which numbers 15,000 vehicles worldwide. According to Mazda there is a potential fault with the DC/DC converter, positioned beneath the front passenger’s seat, that in worst cases could cause a fire. Mazda will replace the convertor at no cost to the […]

Toyota 86 fails moose test!

The reputation of the Toyota 86 has been smashed in one fell swoop with this graphic footage of the car miserably failing the infamous moose test. Or not.

VIDEO: Nico Rosberg talks about his helmet

In the build up to the Japanese Grand Prix this video of Nico Rosberg talking about the evolution of crash helmet technology was released to YouTube. He starts by showing the leather skull caps used around 50 years ago. We wonder, in 2062, will Nico’s grandson hold up his grandad’s 2012 helmet and say, “Would […]