Is the original always the best?

Here’s two versions of the original 205 GTi commercial that we think has been trashed by the 208 GTi update. Take a look and let us know if you like Peugeot’s old stuff better than their new stuff.

Peugeot 208 GTi promo flushes legacy down toilet

By all accounts the Peuegot 208 GTi is a very fine car. It brings Peugeot back into the hot hatch market with genuine credibility. The limited edition 30th anniversary model takes this to a new level, while reminding us of the masterful 205 GTi. Then this video comes along and f@#ks it all up. [Thanks […]

Golf R is best wet weather performance car

The Volkswagen Golf R is the best wet weather performance car money can buy. At least that’s the deal according to British mag Autocar who has just published its results from a seven-car comparison. Included in the test were (ranked in finishing order): Volkswagen Golf R Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Audi RS4 Avant Nissan GT-R […]

Hot hatch heaven

This video showcasing eight seven of the best hot hatches money can buy is not perfect, but it is pretty cool. The clip was published by the Goodwood Road & Racing YouTube channel and features French racer Nic Minassian behind the wheel of four old and four new hot hatches, listed below: Honda: EP3 Civic […]

Honda Civic Type R Concept revealed (again)

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Honda has previewed the Civic Type R Concept it will have on display at the Paris Motor Show later this week. And if you think you’ve seen it before, that’s because you have. That “strikinig luminous blue” paint scheme isn’t fooling anyone. The hype about this new Civic Type R has shifted up a gear, […]

Renault Megane RS275 Trophy on sale down under

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Renault’s latest limited edition example of the Megane hot hatch, the RS275, is now on sale in Australia and it will set you back $52,990. For those playing at home, that’s just $3,090 more than an Audi S1. In exchange for your money Renault will oblige you with a finely tuned Megane riding on a […]

Audi S1 Sportback: Australian pricing & specs

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Got a spare $49,900? If so then you can rush down to your closest Audi dealer and buy yourself an S1 Sportback. When you get there we’re sure you’ll be disappointed to learn that Audi Australia has once again robbed you of the chance to buy your hot hatch in the more appealing three door […]

Volkswagen updates 6R Polo GTI

Volkswagen has given us a pictorial update for its facelifted Polo GTI. We already think it’s the little hot hatch that could, but it’s now even better; for two reasons: 1. it has more power, and 2. you can buy it with a proper 6-speed manual gearbox! Power is only up by 9kW to a […]

Is the Audi S1 a hyperhatch?

The Audi S1 is a hot hatch that we would very much like to try for ourselves. It was released back in February and at the time Audi Australia told us it would go on sale locally in the third quarter of 2014. Guess what quarter we’re in now? That’s right, it’s the third, so […]

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG lights my fire

This flaming Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG has put the hot into hot hatch. The smoking Benz erupted into flames shortly after another motorist noticed smoke coming from the bonnet area and suggested the driver pull over. Details are thin on the ground at this stage but thankfully the driver was able to escape without injury. Fire […]

Audi R8 V10 plus v Renault Clio Cup racecar

The latest track battle from Evo is totally pointless, but that’s precisely what makes it compulsory viewing! Dicke Meaden, no stranger to a racetrack, pairs up the awesome Audi R8 V10 plus with the fesity little Renault Clio Cup racecar. Taking a quick view at the basic specs of each the ingredients of the script […]

Volkswagen Golf R v Seat Leon Cupra 280

Take two Volkswagen Group products to the track, in this case the Golf R and the Leon Cupra 280, thrash them about and see if you can come to a conclusion as to which is best. The circuit in question is the tight and twisty Cadwell Park and Autocar scribe Steve Sutcliffe is telling the […]