A look inside the new Audi TT

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Audi has used the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to preview the interior of the new TT. After getting a taste of the 8V A3 the finish of the forthcoming TT is as you’d expect. That said this interior does take quite a leap forward. You will notice a large TFT monitor behind the […]

New Audi concept previews next TT

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Audi has given advance warning of a new “compact sports car” concept that will be gracing the halls of the Detroit Auto Show next month. Oddly, aside from that descriptor this concept doesn’t yet have a name. All we have is a brief press release and a few sketch drawings. Forget the bits about its […]

2014 Audi TT spied wearing heavy camo

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You’re looking at the third generation Audi TT, expected to be released some time next year. The camouflage might be heavy but the general shape is unmistakable. It’s the first time the new TT has been seen in its new sheetmetal, which probably explains the lengths Audi has taken to ensure we’re not seeing too […]

Audi announces race-ready TT GT4

Just weeks after announcing the racing TT RS, Audi will extend its customer motorsport program further with the TT GT4 developed by quattro GmbH. Due for sale in 2012 the TT GT4 was launched at the DTM round in Shanghai on the weekend. Powered by a 250kW TFSI engine, the car will be priced from […]

Driverless Audi TTS conquers Pikes Peak

The propeller heads at Stanford University said they could do it. And now they have. “It”, of course, is the none too difficult task of sending a car up the daunting Pikes Peak International Hill Climb without a driver on board. Giving the motoring world a new term—drive-by-wireless—the autonomous Audi TTS managed to complete the […]

VIDEO: David Coulthard, the Isle of Man and the SLS AMG

The combination of ex-Formula One driver, revered tarmac and Mercedes’ latest supercar is one well worth savouring. Indeed, Mercedes-Benz made a 3D film about the experience. You can watch the old-skool 2D version featuring David Coulthard after the jump. There’s also a mini making of documentary, too, which is well worth a look. You might […]

Audi TT facelift – official details

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Audi have just given its TT range a bit of a freshen up. To be introduced with Model Year 2011 production the changes are mostly minimal, with subtle styling tweaks for the exterior and interior. Most obvious on the outside is the new lower spoiler design at the front. There’s a new chrome detail for […]

Blind faith

You may remember news from November last year about a driverless Audi TTS being prepared to conquer Pikes Peak. Stamford University are providing the technology required to achieve this goal and they recently ran an article on their online newsletter giving some further background on the car they’ve named ‘Shelley’. Even better than that, there […]

Audi TT RS – Australian specifications

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Audi have sprung a very nice surprise for fans of the TT RS. Originally due here early next year, they’ve managed to unwrap a few examples in time for Christmas. Nice work! If you dig this car you’ll know all about it, so you don’t need me to remind you about the angry sound produced […]

Blind turn

An Audi TTS is being modified to tackle one of the world’s most daunting roads, the 9390ft Pikes Peak Hill Climb. nothing so newsworthy about that until you realise this car does not have a driver behind the wheel. The car currently has a whole bunch of driverless gizmos stuffed in the boot, but the […]

Audi TT RS – Return of the famous five

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Images of the Audi TT RS have spread across the interweb overnight, and here’s a few for you to take a look at. The TT RS will be revealed, officially, in Geneva next month. That’s if Audi doesn’t counter this leak by releasing official images and specs beforehand. In the meantime, what we “know” is […]