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The glorious sound of a Porsche V4

The good people from Drive went along to Paul Ricard recently and captured some audio of the Porsche 919 Hybrid. This is good because it gives us a great opportunity to hear what its petrol-powered V4 engine sounds like. It’s not the best sounding engine you will ever hear, but it’s not too bad.

Your first taste of the new Porsche flat-four turbo?

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Rumours suggest the new turbocharged flat-four engine, which will power the next-gen Porsche Boxster and Cayman, will boast close to 300kW. At a recent Nürburgring industry pool test day Porsche was running a 991 911 that doesn’t sound at all like a six cylinder 911 should. With 300kW on tap it’s not out of the […]

Porsche factory drivers talk about the 919 Hybrid

Porsche made sure its drivers did more than lap the Paul Ricard circuit over recent days by asking them to tell the world how wonderful the new 919 Hybrid really is. This is what they came up with. That V4 engine sounds alright, too.

Porsche fastest at two-day WEC Prologue

The Porsche 919 Hybrid headed the field after the WEC’s official two-day Prologue test at Paul Ricard on the weekend. The #20 car of Mark Webber went fastest during the Friday evening session when Brendon Hartley posted a lap time of 1:41.289. Hartley’s teammates, Timo Bernhard and Webber, also broke the 1:42 barrier on the […]

Porsche 919 ready for Prologue test

Later tonight the 2014 WEC season has its first official preview when the two day Prologue test begins at the Paul Ricard Circuit in France. In preparation Porsche has put the final touches on its 919 Hybrid ahead of its first genuine test against the competition from Audi and Toyota. Officially this will be Mark […]

Porsche F1 rumours fire up again?

In its own words the @GTPorsche twitter account represents the “biggest independent print and digital Porsche magazine”. Yet, often what this account says has a track record of becoming official from Porsche shortly thereafter. Our observations lead us to believe they either have impeccable outside sources or the ear of some influential people inside the […]

Good and bad news for next Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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There’s good and bad news for the 991-based Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. The rollout of the RS will most likely be delayed thanks to the engine replacement scheme for the flame-happy 911 GT3. Originally due for unveiling in the next few months it’s now uncertain […]

Porsche flat-four to nudge 300kW

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Matthias Müller, the bloke running Porsche, says the company will downsize to four cylinder engines for the next-gen Boxster and Cayman. This we pretty much knew already, but Mr Müller has given us some tasty morsels about what the new four-pots engines will be capable of. “We will continue with the downsizing strategy and develop […]

Porsche Cayman GTS & Boxster GTS revealed

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If you’d like your Cayman S, or your Boxster S for that matter, to have a little bit more power and to be a little bit sharper then you’re in luck because Porsche has just announced GTS versions for both models. Powered by the familiar 3.4 litre flat six from the S models the GTS […]

Engine transplant required to prevent 911 GT3 fires

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A Porsche US spokesman has confirmed the manufacturer has identified faulty conrod fasteners as the cause of the two fires which damaged 911 GT3s in Europe. To remedy the problem Porsche will be replacing the engines of all relevant models sold to date. That’s 785 new engines at last count! “We are in the process of validating […]

Porsche would have returned to F1 if…

We all know Porsche is making a much heralded return to LMP1 racing in 2014, with an assault on outright victory at Le Mans in June being the highlight. However, under different circumstances Porsche might have been readying itself for the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne this weekend. Indeed once Porsche had decided to return to […]

Remembering the Porsche 911 GT1

With 16 outright victories at Le Mans you’d reckon knowledge of Porsche’s success was pretty well established. But with its return to La Sarthe later this year Porsche took its most recent winning car, the 911 GT1-98, to the Geneva Motor Show to remind us of its race winning heritage all the same. Finding archival […]

VIDEO: Alfa Romeo 4C v Porsche Cayman S

For his weekly visit to YouTube Chris Harris drops in with a sports coupé comparison that everyone will enjoy. It’s the swooping drama and promise of the Alfa Romeo 4C up against the model all sportscars in this class aim to beat, the Porsche Cayman S. So confident was Harris of the Porsche’s status he […]